Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Day 4 - A habit that you wish you didn't have

Oh, where to start?!?

I have many bad habits ... and some of them I treasure (like being snarky. That one is FUN).

  • Being human -- in this, I mean things like bodily functions.
    I'd save so much time and sleep SO much better if I didn't have to pee.
    And I would prefer NOT to fart.
    Or poop (or, in my present pregnancy, have issues with constipation. JOY!! [NOT.])
  • I pick at blemishes. Not a good thing.
    But, for that, I am glad that my mom bought me a Zeno ... so the blemish goes away faster. So I WON'T pick at it.
  • I don't always have a Kleenex in my hand ...
    Which means that I find myself picking my nose. Gross. And unhygienic. Embarrassing, indeed.
  • I can be judgmental and self-righteous.
    Which is funny, since some people tell me that I'm one of the most accepting people they know.
    So ... I'm COMPLICATED.
    But, really, if you mess with one of my friends?? I will WANT to pull a Bon QuiQui and CUT YEW.
    Seriously, I have a brain capable of diabolic plans.
    Will I actually carry them out?
    No, because I'm too pretty for prison.
    But I might WANT to .... Just sayin'.
  • I can be very lazy ... even when I'm not pregnant.
    (Being pregnant? Just robs me of the majority of what energy I had previous to incubating another person inside me. And a good deal of motivation.)
    I don't relish housework.
    Which leaves me with a messy house. And that makes me NOT want to have people over ... which turns me into even MORE of a shut-in hermit than usual.
  • I lose my patience. Far too easily.
  • I don't always do what I need to do: reading my scriptures (let alone STUDY them!), personal prayer, serving without complaint (even if I don't complain out loud, sometimes I'm less thrilled than other times) ... Things like that. I need to get better about those things.
And that's just the top of the list, really. I have many, many faults. I didn't even get into the fact that I kinda HATE exercise ... and when you LOVE to eat, that explains my thighs, now doesn't it? :S

But, yeah ... I'll deal. And either I'll improve or I'll finally accept who I am.

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