Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned? (TMI ALERT!!)

Um ... I learned that I can't keep up with a meme?
That I find it difficult, with real life happening around me to post daily ...

I think that those are real things.

I also learned that kidney stones hurt like a son of a bee sting.
And that yeast infections can be tricky to diagnose ... and I'll be happy (VERY HAPPY) to NOT have the fires of a thousand suns burning in my pants. (The British-English definition of pants, that is. Though, the other definition fits, too. Not as exact ... but it's there.)
I learned how it feels when your in-utero child has the hiccups, too.
And how to set up all the fancy bits on the new Pack-N-Play.
I also am learning how to use my Moby wrap.

And I learned how to order bengkung from Malaysia. (They should arrive in about three weeks ... just in time for BabyGirl to be born ... and for me to start wearing them ... in hopes of getting back into pre-pregnancy [or better] shape sooner).

I also learned that I'm really not ready to move.
And that I'm picky when it comes to diaper bags.
And that my heartburn really does mean that BabyGirl will have more hair.
And that one reason I had preeclampsia last time was that my body wasn't as exposed to my husband's cells (and, strangely enough, the placenta has more of HIS cells than mine ... Thanks to "Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?" ... A very interesting book. I'd recommend it!) as this time.

I also have come to the knowledge that I've never been THIS pregnant before ... well, this far along, anyways. I've been HUGE-ER. So, yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing.
Besides fighting a yeast infection. Which itches. It itches so, so, so much!!!
I can't wait until it's OVER ... since I've had it for WEEKS and didn't know it ... and now, that I have medicine ... I just want it GONE. FOREVER.

So ... yeah. I'm just going to close up ... write today's post (to tie up the 30-day meme) ... and try to surreptitiously scratch my pants. Because, well, doing it overtly is NOT AT ALL in good etiquette.

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