Thursday, January 19, 2012

Since the hospital ...

My mom came up for most of the week ... to help me recuperate and to make sure that I rested.

(I took a 1.5 hour nap yesterday. BLISS!)

The kids didn't have school Monday (MLK Day) ... but we did their homework in the morning and I had them read to me. So things were good. Then Mom got here (we waited for her to leave her home until around noon, so she'd be able to avoid all the ice).

The kids were sad that even though it had snowed, none of it was left. At least they got to play in it for a few minutes before church on Sunday.
I made it through all three hours of church on Sunday. It was good to go to Relief Society.
The RS presidency had felt bad that no one had told them I had been in the hospital.
I told them not to worry at all about it. My mom was up ... all our needs were taken care of.
So they felt better. Especially once I assured them that, had we needed anything, I'd have contacted them.

Tuesday was mostly just a "take-it-easy" type day.
(Well, except where a Facebook friend told me that I was clueless for being against SOPA/PIPA, since HE didn't think it'd affect our First Amendment rights ... which, with how vaguely-worded it was, it very well could. ... So Michael got my back and commented that this first guy's arguments were so compelling ... Yeah. That's my man.
And I would have totally appreciated alternative sources that supported this differing school of thought. But to just say "So dumb." or "You are so clueless." ... ??
That's not helpful. It's not a logical argument.
... Also, wow, one of my cousins totally got on that guy's case. You do NOT mess with my Linda.
She's usually the sweetest, quiet-type of gal. But, boy ... she was a BARRACUDA!! It was awesome.)

Wednesday was spent shopping. Getting groceries and such. We also picked up a Twilight Ladybug (Target was out of Twilight Turtle), which the kids LOVE. It projects stars (some constellations, too) onto the ceiling. And you get to choose which color -- red, green, or blue.

Today, Mom and I braved the rain to drive to my OB appointment. I have a clean bill of health.
If BabyGirl isn't totally head-down next visit (in two weeks), they'll do an ultrasound and see what we'll need to do. (I did find a page of exercises/stretches/positions to practice to encourage her to go head-down ... Instead of being transverse like she's been most of the last week and a half. Owwwwww.
I also went to my salon (they were having a special) and got waxed for $20 off. LOVELY.
It's too dangerous to shave by Braille. Just keeping it real, y'all.

We ordered our Pack & Play, a baby sling (MobyWrap), and a rain cover for the stroller.
I still need to find a diaper bag that I really like. That and dig out some of the older baby stuff (Swing, manual pump, CLOTHES ...).
And clean up our bedroom and take the closet doors off to make room for the Pack&Play (It'll be her bassinet for the first little while).
And clean out the van and get the infant seat set up in there ...

I mean, really ... starting tomorrow, her due date is about 5 weeks away.
Five weeks and five days until I hope she arrives.
I have two friends who I can call to drive me to the hospital if Michael's at work and my mom's not up.

I'm to the point where, as of next week, I'll be pregnant for longer than I ever have been before.


Seriously ... I didn't know what I was doing when I had Bruise and Bucket.
I have no idea what I'll be doing ... having a baby AND two Kindergarteners ...

I mean ... my OB asked if I have been having contractions.
My response:
Well, since I only ever had contractions when I had been induced last time, I really am not sure. Because last time it was all, "Is that a contraction?" And the nurses would be all, "Yes. Yes, that was a contraction."
Sometimes, I'm all, "Oh! Is my uterus hard?" *poke, poke, poke!!* "There's a soft spot. It's not hard anymore." ... But, well, there aren't any that are close enough to form a pattern ...

And my OB was all, "Okay. ... Well, you'll know when the time comes."

I don't know that I'm completely reassured on that.
At least I'll know if I ever have kidney stones again, though.

And, hey, maybe the swelling in my feet and calves will go AWAY in a few more days.
It's looking better ... but not great. They're feeling better, though.  Not like if I push on them, the skin will split and shoot water all over. (That, by the way, is NOT a fun feeling. Just in case you wondered.)

Well ... I think I may just go take a little bath and a nap. I'm knackered.

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