Thursday, January 05, 2012

About 33 weeks now ...

Officially, my 33rd week starts tomorrow.

But I had my check-up today. A new doctor. She's joined the practice since I had Bruise and Bucket.
She's nice. I enjoyed chatting with her.

I gained 9 pounds since my last appointment. A little more than they'd like. But she says that, overall, my weight gain is pretty much on track.
I'm measuring a LITTLE larger ... but, again, nothing to worry about.

My blood pressure looks great, so I shouldn't be concerned about seeing stars when I have a big coughing fit.
And, YES, (like Michael and I pieced together last night) my coughing is probably brought on by the heartburn/acid reflux that's plaguing me.
And taking ten Tums to be able to go to sleep is too many. So I'll be taking Zantac for now. Try that for a week. If there's no improvement, move on to Prevacid. And take two Tums at a time.

(That ten Tums? Were NOT all at once. I took three after coughing (due to heartburn) so much that I threw up dinner. And there was STILL no improvement. So I took a Zantac and three more Tums so I could try to fall asleep. Then I needed four more, since Zantac takes FREAKING FOREVER to kick in. ... Then I was able to fall asleep.)

But, yeah, I have CRAZY BAD HEARTBURN. It strikes when I eat. It strikes when I don't eat.
It hits when I'm laying down. It hits when I'm sitting or standing perfectly vertical.
It makes me cough ... It makes me lose my cookies (or salad and pizza and juice, as was the case last night).


But, overall, things are all looking good. BabyGirl seems to ALREADY be head-down. And, once she drops, I'll be able to (hope, hope, wish, wish!!) say Sayonara to being short of breath and some of this heartburn. Just seven more weeks of this torture if that's NOT the case.

Her heartbeat is strong. She's still wiggling around. My blood pressure is good (which is a BIG thing ... since I do NOT want preeclampsia again. Or EVER. Heck, I didn't want it at all with the FIRST pregnancy!!) ... except for the bad morning sickness (which has appeared to be over and done with! Yes!!! *knock on wood*), my sore pelvis, some excess weight gain (Still, I'm just over how heavy I was when I started my pregnancy with Bruise and Bucket, IIRC), and this infernal heartburn that buns with the fires of one thousand suns (or, well, at least it FEELS that way!!), this is going really well.

Let's hope I didn't just jinx it. :P

Seven weeks ... that doesn't seem like a whole lot of time.
I am not going to freak out about it. I refuse.

But, yeah, if I NEVER throw up again ... or NEVER get heartburn again ... it will really be too soon.

But, hey!! At least my sinus infection from Hades is over! I can breathe through my nose! Consistently! YAY!!!! That's a really good thing.

Now to stop coughing, so I can talk and sing again with my regular voice. That'd be really nice.

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