Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Bruise ... Evil Genius in Training ...

Yesterday, as we were playing the Lego Harry Potter board game (our FHE activity), here's what went down.

Bruise was against Michael.
(Due to Bucket's assistance, I won first. Then she did. So we're just watching.)

Bruise needed to rotate a piece. And he wanted to make it harder for Michael to win.
So he picked up a piece and rotated it ... 360 degrees.

Yes, so it was EXACTLY how it had been.

But, then ... oh, it gets better.

He laughed.
An EVIL laugh.
A very evil, diabolical laugh ...

And, oh, I nearly wet my pants on that.
Because he FELT he was being so, so sneaky and evil ... and ... well .... he really hadn't done anything.

My sweet, little, funny minion. How I adore him.

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