Monday, January 09, 2012

Little dream bits ...

Last night, I dreamt that my Bri's folks had an antique-type shop.
And I had $50 or so dollars.
And I bought a couple CDs, a dress, a baby wig (for BabyGirl), and I YEARNED for a vintage coat and bag.

And ... I think it was in Ashland, Oregon.


The other night, I dreamt that I was with one of my Young Women (who's now in college) and we walked out of a church (with a messed up parking lot) to look for the van. Michael had to go drive home and get the van AND the truck. And I wondered who'd drive the other vehicle.
Michael showed up with the van ... and then the truck pulled up. And changed from the blue truck into a HUGE grey truck ... and Pop-pop was in it. Wearing a grey-and-pink plaid shirt. And I couldn't quite climb up the side of the truck to give him a hug through the open window, but I was able to climb up enough to give him a kiss on his arm. And we talked. Just a little. As I tried not to cry.

He said he was doing fine. That it's been a while since we did any ordinances (at the temple) together ...
(I still need to get him sealed to his parents. And, in time, to Nana ... but she's still alive [Thankfully so!] and not yet a member of the church ... so that'll come in time.)

It was really nice to get to see him. I don't often find Pop-pop in my dreams ... but it's comforting when I do. Especially when he assures me that things are well. I do notice that he looks the same ... but a little different. And it's really nice to hear his voice again.

Maybe this is the trade-off I get since he didn't live long enough to see any of my kiddos be born (Pop-pop passed away almost five months after Michael and I got married. We didn't have Bruise and Bucket until after our fifth anniversary.)

But, yeah ... sometimes my crazy dreams feature something really nice. And I was glad for the opportunity to see/visit with Pop-pop again.

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