Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 12 - How you found out about blogging and why you have a blog

I got behind again ... and I'll tell you why. Later, though. Because I'm really tired.

I first found out about blogging from the girlfriend (at the time) of a friend of mine.
SHE had a blog. And I read it. And I thought it was such a cool idea.
An online diary ... where other people could read it.

This was back in ... what? 2001? ... That sounds right.

So I started out in Diaryland. Then tried LiveJournal. And Blogger ... And Wordpress.
So far, Blogger's been what I've stuck with after the kiddos were born. Since I could easily post pictures there (If I had been able to host pictures for free on Diaryland, I might still use it. Oh well.)

Why do I blog?
It's a creative outlet.
I enjoy it.
It lets my friends (and friends I haven't met yet) keep tabs on me.
It gives me a place to muse over issues. Or to share things I've found online.

I read a lot of blogs ... I enjoy getting a glimpse into other people's lives.
I tend to be a lurker, since I don't often comment. I usually don't feel that I really have anything that important to contribute (it's easier to just "like" something on Facebook or YouTube. And, well, I'm lazy. :P).
But if I DO have something to contribute, I try and make sure that I've used correct spelling and grammar ... or else I annoy myself.

I think that should answer everything.
I could be wrong ... but my Vicodin is kicking in. So I'm finishing this up. And the post for the 13th.

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