Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 28 - A picture of you from last year and now - How have you changed?

Newport Aquarium, January 2011

In front of the computer, January 2012 ... I think this is my most recent picture. :S

I don't often have a lot of pictures of myself, since I'm often the one behind the camera.
And, also, I kinda hate pictures of myself.

I keep MEANING to take pictures of myself when I'm pregnant ... I'm 36 weeks, as of today ... and I don't know that I have a SINGLE belly picture. Oops.
Chalk it up to another of my regrets in life. Oh well. (Does that make it an excuse to eat some ice cream? It's LITE ice cream ... if that makes any difference ....)

I still need a decent hairdo.
I also am waiting for a couple more weeks to get a pedicure ... I really want to have cute toes when BabyGirl comes. (Last time, I was hospitalized before I really was ready. Good thing I had a bag packed ... and we lived closer to the hospital. Whenever I needed anything that HADN'T been packed, Michael'd fetch it for me. I don't really want that option. I just want to be PREPARED this time. Waxed, pedicured, packed, cute hair and make-up ... Yes, I AM a freak. Deal with it. YOU'RE the one reading this blog. :P [You know I love you.])

Tonight (since I'm scheduling this post. It's actually the 27th as I type it), the kids are going to sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house (THEIR grandma and grandpa. Mom and Dad C, to me). I think that Michael and I will take advantage of the free evening to go watch Sherlock Holmes 2. And return the calendar that I bought. (How I ended up paying FULL PRICE for a 2011 calendar is beyond me. Can we blame preggo-brain? Please?)

So, I still need to buy a diaper bag. And a sling that will EASILY fit in there. I need to clean out our room so BabyGirl's Pack-N-Play has a place. I need to get out the kids' old baby clothes and organize them. I need to get the manual pump out of storage. Probably need to buy new valves for it, since it's been a few years. Hmmm. So tempting to just run out and spend money on a new one. Not that I really NEED it. We'll see if the old one works. It's not like I can't just borrow one from the WIC office if I need to.

Hopefully this little girl stays put for the next 4 weeks or so that I HOPE she will ... since I need TIME and ENERGY to get crap done. And I really am not finding the motivation that I wish I had.

This is why I have Michael. He'll get me to get everything done. That's yet another reason I'm so glad he is content to slum it with me. ^_^
That and there is NO FREAKING WAY that I can take the closet doors off the track by myself. Even if I WEREN'T heavy with child.

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