Saturday, January 14, 2012

Possible TMI ... Okay, be assured that there's TMI

Bruise walked in on me taking a bath.
"MOM ... what are those things??"
"Um, my nipples?"
"No, Mom. They're BROWN."
"Yeah, sweetie. When ladies get pregnant, their nipples get darker. ... When babies are born, can they see very well?"
"... No."
"Exactly ... so this helps the baby to see where to go for the milk. Does that make sense?"
"Yeah.  ... Um ... I need batteries."
"Daddy knows where the batteries are. He can get them for you."

YES. We are special.
And I try to be honest with my children.
Even when they don't allow me the basic privacy that I'd prefer.
Oh well ... maybe his wife will be glad that he knows what's going on when they're expecting a child.
I can always hope.

Bucket is getting pretty excited to be a big sister. Which is nice.

I also learned that Milk of Magnesium is useful as a laxative.
Maybe a little TOO effective. Good thing I only had two small doses yesterday to kick my intestines into gear after all the narcotics I had to have this week.

BabyGirl is a mover and a shaker. She WAS head-down at my last OB visit.
Now she's spending a good deal of time lying transverse. I'll give her two weeks to lie however she wants ... then, since it'll be getting a little too crowded, she had BETTER return to her head-down position.
It's fun to watch her move through my belly skin, though. Especially in the bath. She moves a LOT when I take a bath.

I prefer to sleep at home than in the hospital. Even though the path to the bathroom is shorter, and it's easier to roll out of a hospital bed (and there's cable ... which ends up, sadly, with me watching "Toddlers and Tiaras"), I much prefer having to hook my heel on the side of the bed and drag myself out ... without an IV in tow.

I think that IVs are my least favorite things about being admitted into the hospital. I don't mind the needles ... it's just unwieldly, having to either drag around an IV stand or to unhook the bag(s) from the stand and hook them onto the bathroom door hook when one needs to ... answer the call of nature (which is OFTEN).

Due to the amounts of Saline pumped into my system, I now have the feet and calves of someone weighing about a hundred pounds more than I do.
At least it's not due to preeclampsia.
But, oh, my skin feels STRETCHED OUT due to the swelling.
Still, it will pass. As long as I keep hydrated and do some light walking.
At least, that's what one of my nurses assured me.

I've learned that one of my responses to extreme pain is vomiting.
I also whine and cry (unless I've vomited enough to be dyhydrated enough that I can no longer produce tears).
I mostly have a desire to lie down in a cave, without the energy to lick my wounds, and await Death.
And I also can start to shiver. A lot. Enough that Michael had to ask, "What is that sound?!??"
Oh, nothing ... just my teeth chattering. At least I didn't knock out a filling or anything.

I apologize a lot when I'm ill or need stuff.
I kept apologizing to Michael for needing to go to the ER. For not being able to handle the pain on my own.
I apologized to the nurses who had to come give me Fentanyl. Or who had to check my urine/strain my urine. ... I hate feeling needy or like I might be inconveniencing anyone.
But, really, when I'm ill or anything, I feel like my body's betrayed me ... and it SHOULDN'T do that.
Yeah, I have control issues. I'm aware of the fact.

I got to learn differences between Vicodin and Percocet. I still am amazed at what all I get to learn. Learning is good. And, when you're nice to nurses, they're so cool and kind. And they tell you stuff. Which is awesome.

Seems like the old wives' tale about heartburn is true. On the last ultrasound, the technician mentioned that BabyGirl has hair. Rather a bit of it. That was nice to know. Hopefully it all stays.
(Hopefully it's got a reddish-tint ... but we'll love her no matter the shade.)

But, hey, when the nurses tell you that it was good that you came in (hey, if you need THAT much medication to get pain under control, they figure that you've earned your stay. Or something. And they're very sympathetic. And most have a very good sense of humor, too.), you should believe them. ^_^

Well, I'm really tired. And this post is mostly going ... nowhere, really. But these are things that I've been thinking.
And Bruise's concern about my breasticles was just too funny.
Bucket will tell me about how cute my belly and belly button are ... which is sweet. Very sweet.
But, really, if she starts telling me how "cute" my swollen feet and calves are, I'll KNOW that she's not being completely honest.

Good night, everyone. Time to lie down and put my feet up, drink at least another liter of water, and read until I'm unconscious. Then snuggle with my wonderful husband.

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