Sunday, January 08, 2012

Day 8 - Short term goals for this month and when you'll accomplish them

Oh geez ... Goals?? When I feel THIS unmotivated?

Okay ... sure, whatever. Here goes ...

  • Read and do a book review on that free book that's been sitting by my bed for MONTHS.
    Then I can get a new free book. *SIGH* Can I get this done ... next week?? Maybe??
  • Plan FHE for tonight. There's not a lot of planning ... but I should figure out a treat for it.
    Then I should look over the next few lessons ... just to be prepared.
  • Do my Visiting Teaching. Because it's important. And I have a deadline. So I should at least make appointments this week. Once I check with Jennie and make sure that my route hasn't changed.
  • Read my freaking scriptures and remember to pray. This is a day-by-day thing ... and I NEED to make it a habit. 
  • This week, I WILL break out my prenatal yoga workout. It will be helpful, I am sure.
  • Paint my toenails. This week. I'll feel girly-er ... and that'll be nice. So I'll have something to distract me from feeling like a sore whale ... or a bear that needs to hibernate.
  • Catch up on the dishes and clean the front rooms (again) ... This WILL be done by Friday afternoon. Because the kids' party (family only ... I feel a little bad ... but, gosh, I don't have the energy to plan a big party. YET) is on Saturday.
  • Make a menu plan. Maybe one for the next month or so. I should do that this week. 
  • Help Michael put together the kids' presents. Monday night.
  • Catch up with the laundry. By Wednesday.
  • Go to the Verizon store and figure out WHY the weather report/location on my clock widget won't work. ... Sometime this month. Maybe. Obviously, it's not the highest priority.
  • Finish reading "Mitch and Amy" (Beverly Cleary) to the kids. Return it and pick up my holds from the closer library. Then return Lego Pirates (Wii) to the other library and pick up THAT hold ... So I NEED to read that darn Paul Revere book STAT! ... This week. Monday for one ... Maybe Wednesday for the other. I should check the game's due date.
  • Buy the Pack & Play for BabyGirl. Also buy a sling (I want two ... a Moby Wrap and a Peanut Shell). And a diaper bag that I can use and will be able to use later as a purse. (My old one is BEAT UP. And I really would like one with some water-resistant fabric on the outside. The things that you learn...) This month/early next month.
  • Go through the old baby clothes and organize them ... Keep out ones for BabyGirl (and any future babies), donate what I really won't use again. ... After the kids' party. 
  • Pack my hospital bag. JUST IN CASE. In ... two weeks?
    Make sure to remember lip gloss. In case they make me wear the oxygen mask during labor again.
    That mask dries out your lips/mouth like nothing else!
  • Order cute nursing bras and a Bengkung for postpartum. Within the next couple weeks, I think.
  • Clean/organize our bedroom ... after the kids' party. Unless I'm suddenly caught up with housework in the company quarters and have enough energy to manage it before then.
  • Get my hair cut. It needs it. I haven't had it cut for ... has it been the better part of a year already? That's insane. Ugh.
.... And that's it for now ... since I'm now distracted by watching Freyja-cat's toes twitch in her sleep.
I wonder what she's dreaming. Sweet kitty.
(Also, am I the only one that thinks it's ADORABLE when cats hold their head with one paw as they sleep? I mean, I don't put it past me ... being a freak of nature and all ... But, yeah ... I thought I'd throw that out there.)

I mean, I know there's TONS of stuff that I need to get done ... and I will ... somehow. Before I have a third child in this house -- who will torture me with sleep deprivation ...
(Though, hey, once she's OUT of my uterus, I should be able to create a decent blog-name for her ... so that's a good thing, right?)

But, yeah.
Today, I'll catch up on dishes, do a few loads of laundry, FHE, read my scriptures, say some prayers. Maybe make appointments for VT ... make a preliminary list of what to pack for the hospital (start packing what I can) ... see if Bri can give me a haircut sometime this month.
Then I can start knocking everything else off the list.
Like that dratted Paul Revere book that's lying there, mocking me. Grrrr. I just want to get it read and out of the way. But I dread actually DOING it. (What's wrong with me?)

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Robin said...

I love it when kitties have their paw on their head/face, it is so cute!!!! of course I am pretty sure 90% of what I see my cat do is cute!

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