Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15 - Put your ipod or shuffle on - first 10 songs that play

Ugh ... I'd prefer a redo ... but I'm too lazy to run out to the car to grab my iPod with the music that I listen to more often.

So, you're just stuck with what I have on my computer (which I don't always listen to. Just so you know.)

  1. I Hope They Call Me On a Mission - Popcorn Bopping: Dance Along Mixes of Favorite Kids' Songs
    (From my mom for the kids)
  2. Freak Out - Avril Lavigne
    (I don't know this one ... Yeah. I'm that uncool. I'm not familiar with all her works. I do like her song about not sleeping with a guy just because he wants to, though.)
  3. Mambo Italiano - Janice Hagan
    (This is a song that got me to BUY this CD. Over at the Happy Cooker, a kitchen/entertaining goods store in the next town over. It's not in business anymore, though. Stupid economy. But I like this one.)
  4. A Strange Way to Save the World - Michael Crawford and Twila Paris
    (From the album of Christmas songs sung by Michael Crawford. And I heart Michael Crawford.
    As The Phantom [of the Opera ... not the guy in a purple bodysuit with a magic skull ring]. As Cornelius Hackl. As himself. I'm a fan. And have been ... since ... um, since I was around eight or nine.)
  5. My Brain - Weezer
    (From my Jason-head, Michael's youngest brother. I actually haven't listened to it. I'm most familiar with their first album. I heart me "Buddy Holly," "Surf Wax America," and "My Sweater.")
  6. Our Place in the Cosmos - Symphony of Science
    (Cementing my geek-cred ... Auto-tuning at its finest ... with some of the most amazing brains. Love!
    ... Though, I think "We Are All Connected" is my favorite. Thus far.)
  7. Walking on the Sun - Smash Mouth
    (And THIS takes me back to high school ... Good times.)
  8. Adeste Fideles - Bing Crosby
    (THIS is what happens when I don't deselect all the Christmas carols in iTunes. I have quite a few. And, really, the crooners are awesome. They help make the season cozy.)
  9. Hold On - En Vogue
    (Not my most favorite of their songs ... I really love "Free Your Mind," "Whatta Man," and a few others a bit better. But, really ... you can't go wrong with En Vogue.)
  10. Love Thing - Spice Girls
    (I am NOT going to be ashamed for listening to -- and LIKING -- the Spice Girls. But, well, there are other songs of theirs that I liked a lot better. ... And, I DID buy Geri Halliwell's CD when she went solo. Ginger was my favorite. Closely followed by Baby. I refuse to be ashamed.)

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