Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends

A picture to my Bri. I ran into her little brother at a church dance (Michael and I were chaperoning.)
He agreed to take a picture with me and text it to her.
Even though it was nearing midnight her time.

My HS girls and me (in blue) at my Senior Prom 1999.
I have awesome friends.
So, here are some more pictures ... for some reason MOST of my pictures of myself with friends are on Facebook (go figure) ... and I can't easily find them on my hard drive to post (and they won't post to my blog, since my blog is PUBLIC and my FB is PRIVATE ... so ... yeah.)

But ... there you go.

I have awesome friends. (And siblings of friends. I really didn't expect Bri's little brother to be so gung-ho with my idea to send her a pic of us at the church dance. ... It was a LOVELY, pleasant surprise that he was TOTALLY on board with the idea. ... And it was great of Michael to take that one with my (old) crappy phone camera. ^_^)

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