Monday, January 23, 2012

Waiting ...

Michael's in class ... well, he should be OUT of class now. Probably getting into the truck and on his way home.

We just went through the bedtime routine. Finished the last Ramona Quimby book (Ramona's World).
The kids are having one more bathroom break ... stalling for time, I think.

I still haven't taken a shower. I need one.

I'm tired. Have been all day.
Did I take a nap? Oh no. That'd be too easy.
Maybe I'll get one tomorrow.
Maybe I'll do housework tomorrow.
Maybe I'll clean the car ... tomorrow.

We'll see.

Today has been a day of tears. Bruise cried that he didn't want to take a nap.
I tried to get him to lay his grumpy buns down ... but I kinda knew that he wasn't going to.

Bucket cried because two boys were sitting behind her (and two of her friends) and laughing. And the boys had been saying her name ... so she's SURE they were laughing at her.
LOTS of tears on that account.
My poor, sensitive little tulip.
She takes after her mother, poor thing.
(And it's only taken me, WHAT, three decades to be able to deal ... well, to be able to deal MOST of the time. Even through high school, I'd get set-off VERY easily. It's not easy being sensitive AND hormonal AND angsty. Oh gosh, that's what I'm going to get to look forward to dealing with in the next ten years ... Lord, give me strength. I'm going to NEED it.
And to maybe get her a prescription of Xanax or Prozac or something. Oy.)

The kids gave up the chance to have popsicles for dessert ... they complained too much about dinner (homemade hamburger helper-type stovetop casserole). It was good. I don't know what THEIR problem was. ... Eventually, their problem was NOT earning a popsicle for dessert.

I had a popsicle.
I ate MY dinner.

Okay ... I think that wraps up most of today.
I need a shower. And I want one before Michael gets home. So I better hop (or lumber, really) in the shower.

I also noticed today, as I wore my black wool coat to walk to and from the bus stop ... I pretty much am walking like a penguin.
A 5'5" penguin.
With brown boots.

Oh well.

At least my feet and calves aren't swollen (and looking like they belong to a gal about 100+ pounds heavier than I am) anymore.
Yay for prayer!
Yes, I did pray for a vain thing like that.
After preeclampsia, I've taken QUITE a bit of pride in how svelte the tops of my feet and my ankles have looked since the water retention went away.
It's the little things, y'all.
And that's a little thing that's PRETTY DARN IMPORTANT to me these last six years (well, nearly six years. It took a few weeks to lose all of that. But it was gone shortly after Valentine's Day 2006, when I had my 6-week appointment ... And Dr. M was pleasantly surprised to find that I lost SO much weight since I last saw her [I think I was below my pre-pregnancy weight. Or, at least, VERY close to it. Yup, that was a LOT of water retention plus babies, placentas, blood volume, amniotic fluid, etc. that I had been carting around.] ... And I think she was kinda shocked that I had already started my period ... while nursing TWO children. Within SIX WEEKS of giving birth. ... Yeah, I think my body's insane sometimes. "Hey, we just pushed out two kids. We're sleep-deprived. We're looking forward to a couple years of breastfeeding. LET'S POP OUT SOME MOAR KIDZ!!!1!" ... Um, NO. Let's take a breather, M'kay?).

Okay. I'm shutting up so I can get a shower.
And tell the kiddos to GET. IN. THEIR. SWEARWORD. BEDS.
(No, really ... if you haven't already watched that YouTube video, you should. It cracks me up.)


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