Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 24 - A letter to your parents

I think that I've done this meme a few times before ... and so, due to that, here's the abbreviated versions.
I don't think much has changed. ^_^

Dear Mom,
Thanks for being one of my absolute bestest friends. I appreciate that we're tight and that I can come to you with anything.
Also? Thanks for not killing me. Since I have Bucket (who's my Mini-Me), I have a VAST new-found appreciation for what you went through being my parent. Wow. You deserve a medal, a full-expenses-paid vacation somewhere decadent, and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. And massages.
       Love you!

Dear Dad,
I know that I went really distant after you and Mom split. I'm glad that we talk. And that I KNOW that you love me. I appreciate that you value my intellect. And I'm glad that you like Michael (that means a lot) and that you love the grandkids.
Thanks for not giving up on me ... and for giving me the chance to realize how much you mean to me. And for REALLY letting me know how much I mean to you. That was ... really shocking. In a good way.
     Love you!

Dear Mom and Dad C,
Thanks for raising an awesome family. I think your son is totally the best. And I'm glad that your other kids are all really nice, too. Thanks for accepting me and letting me be part of your family. I really couldn't ask for (let alone find!) better in-laws. I really appreciate you guys. I hope that I've let you know that.
        Love you!

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