Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22 - What makes you different from everyone else?

  • I have brachydactyly ... In other words, I have stubby thumbs.
  • I'm a worrier AND an idealist.
  • I'm a realistic optimist.
  • I have a nose that makes me look Jewish or, maybe, Italian.
    But, really? It's probably Native American.
  • I was into vampire fiction before Twilight was cool.
    And, for the record? Twilight isn't that cool. It's just really popular. I love to mock it.
    Twilight parodies? YES, PLEASE!
  • I am addicted to the internet.
  • I am addicted to books.
  • I like to eat. ... Enough so that I don't try to diet anymore.
    I try to make healthier choices ... but ... well .... whatever.
  • I don't really care to go outside a whole lot.
    Don't get me wrong, I like nature ... but not when it's cold or wet or too hot.
    Yeah, I'm a pansy.
  • I like vegetables, generally. I should eat more of them.
  • My seasonal allergies appear to be against poplar and birch trees.
    And I now, thanks to those allergies, have sensitivities to eating raw apples and almonds. And probably raw peaches. Which ticks me off.
  • I'm a lactivist ... in that I feel that babies should be allowed to eat anywhere a baby would legally be allowed to be. (e.g., In the mall, at a restaurant, etc.) If you're such a delicate little flower that you can't handle that ... well, you can just not look. Like I choose not to look at Abercrombie and Fitch adverts. Or anything involving the Kardashians.
    Yes, I'm not the shy little tulip on this issue. God gave us breasts for a reason.
    (HINT: It wasn't for selling cars. Or beer. Or overpriced, ill-fitting lingerie. Just sayin'.)
    And, hey, I don't care if a baby gets a bottle or the breast. I think that we're hard enough on each other as it is. As long as your kid seems to be healthy and happy ... I think you're doing a good job.
  • I'm pretty darn pale.
  • I think I'm finally happy with my hair color ... for now, at least.
  • I hate the thought of living in a town without a decent library system.
  • I'm bored ... and I want to take a bath ... so I'm closing up.

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