Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Day 3 - A picture of you and your friends

Ignore my wonky chin.
But Rox, Mer, and I were having too much fun to care.
This picture is from while I was pregnant (and HUGE) with Bruise and Bucket.

Rox, Mer, and I decided to have a Girls' Night Out while we managed to all be in town at the same time.

Mer and I have been friends since third grade.
Roxy and I bonded over Freshman Year gym class ... and she's still one of my besties ever.
Lots of sleepovers and classes together over the years with both of these girls.

Roxy served cake at my wedding.
Michael and I were the witnesses (and I snapped pictures) at her wedding.
Roxy and I were bridesmaids at Mer's wedding.

It's nice to be able to keep in touch with people who have known you for so long.
Inside jokes are fun ... and Roxy and I have pleeeeeeeeeeeeenty of those. Heh.
I also have a box and a folder full of notes ... a majority are from these two. (And T ... Good times all around).

With this particular Girls' Night Out, we all went to the movies. We watched "The Fountain."
Roxy complained that "You guys made me see a CHICK FLICK. Seriously! Hugh Jackman cried more in that movie than anyone else! It was a CHICK FLICK!!"
... It was the only interesting-sounding movie at the theater that wasn't rated R ... So, now you know what sacrifices my friends make for me. ^_^


★ThE mAd HaTTeR★ said...

I love the fun blog topics! Where are you finding these daily blogging ideas? I wanna do it too :D

Allanna said...

I posted the master list for this 30-day project on the first (so if you go to that date, you should be able to find the list).

I nabbed it from a friend's blog. She had done it last month. ^_^

Of course, if you do a websearch for "30 Day Blog Project" or one for Facebook, you'll find a few that way, too. ^_^

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