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Day 7 - A picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you

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This is a small sampling of people and things that have had the largest impact on my life.
If you're not on this list, don't feel bad AT ALL. Like I said, this is but a SMALL sampling of what's made me who I am.

Starting from the top left and working our way across and then down ... If that makes sense:
  • My own family
    Michael is my rock. He keeps me calm and is the best husband and father of our children that I could ever ask for.
    Bucket, my little mini-me ... She keeps me humble. ^_^
    Bruise makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes.
  • My Nana and Pop-pop ... two of my six (well, seven now) grandparents.
    Nana and I are both often outspoken.
    Pop-pop gave me an example of a man that I could really look up to in my own bloodline. I still miss him something fierce.
  • BabyGirl ... I only get little glimpses into her personality so far (from how she wiggles ... and the amount of heartburn and nausea her gestation has inflicted upon me. Ha ha ha ....), but I know that she's going to change and influence me even more than I've been thus far.
  • My mom. She raised me and instilled a good many values and morals into my character. What would I do without her? (I've tried forbidding her from ever dying. But she's really stubborn and refuses to agree to just live forever. ... and she wonders where I get that obstinate streak. :P)
  • Michael's Grandpa C ... I'd be hard-pressed to find a kinder, sweeter man.
    And Michael very much tries to model his character after Grandpa C's.
    Which, of course, has had great effect in my life.
    Another man that I sorely, sorely miss.
  • Michael's folks, Dad and Mom C. Who not only raised a wonderful, amazing man (who, somehow, was attracted to me!) ... but have been so kind and loving in welcoming me into their family with open arms. ... I totally lucked out on my in-laws. Mine are really awesome.
  • The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    I am so grateful for continuing revelation. I'm so glad that Heavenly Father loves us enough to give us a living prophet to guide and lead us. I love our leaders. And I can testify that when I follow their counsel, I find myself protected and happier than when I choose not to do so.
  • The temple (This is the Portland Temple. MY temple. I was there for its open house, its dedication. It's where I went for Youth Baptism trips. It's where we were married. It's where my mom and stepdad were sealed. It's MY temple.)
    It's beautiful, peaceful, and has brought such blessings into my life.
    I'm grateful that I made the choice at a very early age to get married in the temple (so, therefore, I had GOOD reason to stay worthy of attending the temple). I'm glad that I am sealed to my husband and children for all time and eternity. I'm grateful for the blessings that I've received from attending the temple and maintaining my temple recommend.
    The temple makes me happy.
  • Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    I am grateful and humbled at the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus have for us. I am amazed that they love us enough to give us the Plan of Salvation, that Christ took upon himself the suffering of all mankind in an infinite Atonement to ensure that we all have the opportunity to repent and to return to our Heavenly Father's presence. I'm so glad that, through His actions that he willingly performed for us that we know how to behave, that we all will be resurrected, and that we can repent. Without His sacrifice, we wouldn't have eternal families. We would live and die, separated by sin from our Heavenly Father.
    This is a huge gift. And I'm so glad and amazed by it.
    As the Primary song says, "I always want to be with my own family. And the Lord has shown me how I can." He has. And it eases my heart. It brings me peace and happiness. It helps me to be able to more emulate Christ in my own life. And it makes me very, very grateful.
  • The scriptures.
    I am grateful that Heavenly Father gave us prophets in Ancient times (along with living prophets in modern times) to bear record of the truth of the Gospel of Christ.
    Without a written record, it is very difficult to maintain sacred things.
    I am glad that we have The Holy Bible as a testament of Jesus Christ and his life and dealings with the Old World.
    I am grateful for The Book of Mormon that also testifies of Christ and tells of his doings on the American Continent ... How He loves ALL his children, no matter WHERE or WHO they are.
    I am grateful for the more modern revelations that have become scripture: The Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price, the official declarations about Christ and about the nature of the family, and the General Conference addresses we are blessed to hear twice a year.
I have a lot in my life to be thankful for ... wonderful family who influences me to be better, who've all taught me very, very much. I'm grateful for my Church and for the teachings, the knowledge, and the blessings it's given me.

I am also grateful for my friends ... because you are all awesome. Whether you believe it or not, it's still true. I get to learn something from all of you. And I'm glad for that. I hope that you know how important you are ... not just to me, but to others around you. (And, not to be all in-your-face about it, how important you are to and how loved you are by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Because it's really true. I'm not going to say that you have to believe exactly what I do ... but I just want you to be aware that you are loved and treasured more than you know. And, well, I wish that EVERYONE knew that. So ... even if you don't FEEL as special and as loved as you really are ... just try to pass on some good to others. Even just a smile. Because you are all capable of wonderful, wonderful things. And I want you to be fully aware of that. ... It's one reason that you're my friends. That and because you're awesome. So just accept that, too.)

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