Friday, January 06, 2012

Day 6 - Favorite superhero and why

My words ... why is this such a hard question for me to answer?

My Bri is able to just spit out her reply to this easily.
(Her favorite is Ironman, a.k.a., Tony Stark, bee tee wubs.)

(That led me to make her laugh one day as we were gChatting about life and stuff that, due to my vast amounts of sarcasm and general wit, if I were a Marvel Superhero, she could call me "Tony SNARK."
One of my better replies, just so you know. That's why I'm bringing it up/bragging.)

But .. as much as I like to get my geek on (as it were), I have a very difficult time answering this question.

So ... should I just give you a list of superheroes that I really, really like? Um ... I don't know ...

Well, here goes nothing!

  • Nightcrawler. Especially as played by Alan Cumming (since I adore him).
    I love Nightcrawler in the way that I love Kurt Hummell from Glee. I just want to hug him and reassure him that he's wonderful and that things will be okay. ... Both these boys seem hard on themselves and given a very hard row to hoe.
  • Beast - He's smart. He's witty ... and, seriously, how can you NOT adore a man whose main exclamation (as opposed to going straight to profanities) is "Oh my stars and garters."
    Also, he looks GREAT in glasses. Yes, that's a weakness of mine. (See: crushlet on Jeff Goldblum, irl.)
  • I don't know a lot about Deadpool ... but I have to give props to a guy who cracks jokes like he does. I have a thing for guys with a good sense of humor. What can I say??
  • Gambit - HAWT CAJUN ACCENT ... do I have to say anything more?
    And, if I do, he rocks that trenchcoat and can whisper sweet nothings in French to you. Rawr.
    That and the love story between him and Rogue is rather sweet ... at least, the last time I was keeping up with it.
  • Batman ... because ... well, he's BATMAN. He's able to do what needs to be done. Smart enough to make a plan. Has enough money to carry it out.
    (Hey, isn't that kinda what we need in a president? Someone who can DO the job? Hmmm...)
  • Spiderman ... since he's relatable. I mean, I feel like a screw-up most of the time anyways. Peter Parker is the brother I never had. AND he could totally get rid of the spiders when they invade my house. Just sayin'.
  • Hellboy ... HE LIKES CATS. Come ON ... and I really liked his fishy-type friend, Abe. (Could be the accent. I'm not going to deny that.)
As far as what superheroes I'd WANT to be ... especially since that list above is composed of menfolk ... Here's a small list:
  • I like Rogue. It'd be cool to be able to take on others' abilities. But, gosh, to not be able to touch people without chancing hurting them? That'd be HARD.
  • Jean Grey ... since, hey, Michael really likes it when I have red hair.
    And I like it, too. I used to be blonde. And I no longer feel like myself unless I have red or brown hair. (And when my hair's brown, it has coppery tones in it. No matter what I do, really. Just a fact of my life. And I'm fine with that. ^_^)
  • If the outfit weren't so ... skimpy ... Michael says that we should go as Green Arrow and Black Canary. (And, frankly? I heart fishnets ... But I don't heart the vast, white expanse that is my thighs. Or my bum. Just being completely honest.) ... But yeah.
  • I kinda liked Elektra ... but I only really am familiar with her from the movie (And HER movie was MUCH better than Daredevil. Oy).
As far as the villains go, I really like Dr. Horrible. (And if you don't ... well, I SUPPOSE that we can still be friends. But I've lost a few points of respect for you. Sorry.)
And Harley Quinn ... though I would NOT own Hyenas. Hyenas are NOT on my list of pets I want to have. Ever.
I like the idea behind Catwoman  ... but, gosh, could her back STORIES be any harder to follow? They keep changing it!
And we are NOT going to talk about the travesty of a movie starring Halle Berry.
That was PAINFUL to watch.
No, we are NOT discussing it. It is dead to me. It was a betrayal.

I'm sure there are others ... but those are the ones off the top of my head.

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