Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If I had a clever title, I'd use it ...

I am feeling ... mood-swing-y.

Bruise is a student of the month.
His card got turned. And it sounds like the substitute turned it without giving a warning (which is what is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN in Kindergarten) for a single incident which wasn't really his fault.
So he's upset that he was accused of playing around in the bathroom at school when a boy from church and his friend were talking to Bruise.

And that makes me sad.
Especially since Bruise and Bucket's main teacher didn't have a chance to talk to the substitute, so we don't know if there's more to the story. But BOTH Bruise and Bucket maintain that there's NOTHING more. That there were no warnings and that Bruise hadn't misbehaved at all in any other way. So it should have been JUST a warning and not turning his card. But there's really nothing to be done about it. Which makes me sad. My kiddos are SIX ... the world should still be FAIR and NICE. ... But the fact is that it's often not. Which brings me to the next point:

There's a boy at church (he's 15) who is up at OHSU in the ICU for severe hypothermia. He was in the Willamette River for about an hour (the river was around 43-44 degrees F) ... His temperature upon getting to the local hospital was around 76 degrees. His heart had stopped.
We've been praying. A lot. The ward had a fast yesterday.
He's doing better. The doctors did two surgeries on him. They've cut down on the medication that was keeping him unconscious. He's able to wiggle his fingers and toes and nod "yes" or "no." Which is a good thing.
We're just hoping that he's able to heal as quickly as can be. And that there won't be any long-lasting effects.

BabyGirl's bed is set up. Now to get the clothes out and sorted (and find a place to store them!). It'd be good if I got a nice diaper bag. But it's not a huge deal right yet. About 30 more days until she comes... if she follows my schedule.

Monistat 7 is one of my new besties. Living with an undiagnosed yeast infection? NOT FUN. Especially when it's gone on for WEEKS. I'm on my second day of treatment (of, naturally, a week) ... and while there's still SOME itching and discomfort, I was actually able to SLEEP pretty much ALL through the night. That was a NICE CHANGE THERE.

Still have heartburn. Which isn't fun. But I should just get up and take a fake-Zantac.

Got my Visiting Teaching done. Mostly through email ... but it's done. So I don't feel like I'm neglecting my poor, poor sisters at church.

BabyGirl is moving around a LOT. Even with some bleeding (from my stupid Nabothian cyst this last weekend ... For some reason, it just gets annoyed and bleeds a little. Which freaked me out during the last pregnancy. At least, now I know what's going on. And it's really sporadic and random.) and the nastiness that is my yeast infection. It's good to know for sure that she's healthy.

But, yeah ... with how much I'm worried about the boy at church ... I just feel SAD.
And then poor Bruise, having to deal with the injustices of the world. It just really, really sucks. And I want to just go sit in the shower or curl up in bed and cry.

But, before I do that, I need to do another load of dishes and make dinner or something.
And deal with the fact that, since Michael has class, I'm pulling this off all by myself until about 9 tonight.
Can I just live in denial about being the ONE parent here for the next few hours?

I mean, I'll feel better in a bit.
The kids don't have homework this week.
I need to take some pictures for a project at school. Then I need to print them off.
I should buy some photo paper for that.
I should set up an appointment for a gel pedicure.
After this week, I should also set up another waxing appointment.
And get a haircut.
Or, maybe I should save the haircut until after BabyGirl is born. This way, I can have cute shorter hair in family photographs or something.

I should also clean up the house ... but I just don't want to get UP and DO things right yet.
And I am not in such dire conditions that I want anyone ELSE to be doing it.
I mean, if I were on bed rest ... WHICH BETTER DANG NOT HAPPEN THIS TIME ... that'd be one thing. But I don't want it to happen. AT ALL.

Still ... I just want things to be happy and nice and better.

Did I mention that my son is going to be a student of the month? That's a good thing ... he's been wanting to be since his sister was a few months ago. And he was despairing of EVER getting to be a student of the month ... so that's a very nice thing.

I still just want to curl up and hibernate ... for a couple hours at least.
I'll be better ... probably tomorrow or so. Most likely tomorrow. I'll have my mom here. It's easier to be happy when my mom's here to chat with.

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