Monday, January 09, 2012

I need more weekend in my weekends ...

We had a busy time this last weekend. Good-busy for the most part ... but exhausting and busy, also.

We went to a birthday party for my Roxy's youngest. Traffic getting there was a little hairy ... but that's Friday afternoon in the big city for you!
The kiddos had a great time (of course). And it's always nice to get to chat with my Roxy and her husband.
They also had another boy and his dad over.
As we talked with the dad, it happens that (1) he's LDS and (2) we have quite a few friends in common. How funny is that!!
So Roxy and I have joked about how she's surrounded by Mormons. :P
(We also joke about how her parents were convinced that I'm a member of a cult ... Truly, that's one reason why I usually slept over at HER house ... So they could keep tabs on us. Make sure that we didn't scrifice any goats or chickens or do any arcane rituals or whatever. It's funny ... in a kind of pitiful way. But still, we can laugh at it.)

We didn't get home until pretty late. Bucket fell asleep in the car on the way home. So I fed her fish that night.

Saturday was supposed to be their oldest cousin's baptism ... but it's been postponed since her dad's work wouldn't give him the time off. But that freed up our morning so we could buy a present for another birthday party.
We ended up missing a friend's wedding reception ... I was exhausted already and the times for the birthday party (which the kids were REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO) and the reception overlapped a good deal.

The birthday party was very fun. Cosmic bowling (with black lights and kid-friendly music videos) ... Bucket won the first game (partly due to a scoring error the computer made. It declared that she had a strike when half the pins were still there. Not that anyone was really caring about scores. I mean, the bumpers were up and everything, since these are Kindergartners playing!). Bruise would have officially won the second (with a GENUINE spare) ... but right as he knocked down the rest of the pins in his set, the computer shut down (since the lanes were only rented for a certain amount of time, not for a certain number of games, you see) ... Which would have beat their friend T's score by ONE POINT.

It was nice to talk to T's dad, we met him at the last birthday party we went to (being T's party, of course).

Bruise and Bucket really enjoyed the bowling ... I think we'll have to take them back sometime.

We got the kiddos ready for bed and then Michael snuck out and bought their birthday presents. We'll put stuff together tonight, after the kids are alseep. Then the presents will hide in the truck until Michael gets back home ... so that he can see the kids get them. ^_^

Yesterday (Sunday), we made it to church on time. And I almost fell asleep so many times during Sacrament meeting ... so Michael took me home where I rested. I couldn't fall fully asleep for any length of time ... but I did make my list of what to take to the hospital ... and I packed my toiletry bag ... just to get a start on things.
Then, after Michael and the kids got home, we went and dropped by a little present for a gal in the ward for her birthday. Then we fed the kids ("we" = Michael) and took a nap (THAT "we" = Michael and me).
Then Michael had to run out and assist giving someone a blessing. Then he came home and we had Family Home Evening ... and he had to run out to attend a Fireside (it was for all the adults ... but I was TIRED and we hadn't set up childcare ... and it would have gotten out RIGHT at the kids' bedtime. I wasn't the most thrilled. Especially since Bruise and Bucket have school today).

Today, I had the kids get dressed and THEN they could watch a show before school. I packed their lunches. And we had JUST enough time to get their shoes and coats on (and brush Bucket's hair) before we had to get out to the bus (where it was a couple minutes late. We have pretty heavy fog today. ... Yesterday, there was even a fog alert!).
Tomorrow's their birthday ... and I think Bucket is bummed that I haven't planned a kid-party ... I wish that I could ... but I don't have the energy to do one. And Michael gets home late enough that planning one for AFTER he's home ... it'd be too late. It really would.
But, hey, at least my Mom's coming up ... and they get free swag (we'll take them out for lunch and ice cream and pick up a cake for after dinner ... it'll be good) ... So Bucket should cheer up a bit.

But, since the kids are at school, I should get a jump on housework, get a shower, run to the store, the bank, and the library ... And maybe, once I've gotten all THAT done, I can get a nap.
(Even though I slept through the night ... waking just to move elastic bands from clothes OFF my ginormous belly, I'm still TIRED. Oh well.) We'll see.

Oh, and I need to clean up my side of the bed (being the floor that looks like the bookshelf is molting, book by book. *sigh*) ... Wish me luck!!

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