Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A little resolution

Not a ton of resolution ... but SOME.

I got a shower. Still haven't done the dishes yet. Or made dinner.

The young man? He's opened his eyes. They're just waiting for his vital organs to stabilize.
But it's been a good day ... He seems to be getting stronger ... Good to know that our prayers are having a good effect.

Also, one of the girls that I know from my home ward (I've actually known her since she was a baby. She's the youngest girl in a family we're friends with) ... she had an emergency C-section when her son was only about 32 weeks along. She's healing well ... and even though it's only been about two weeks, he's almost strong enough/big enough to come home with his parents! That's some wonderful news.
(Now, if you want to whisper some prayers/send good thoughts or whatever that her milk supply will come in, I'm sure she'd appreciate it. Don't worry about names ... the Lord knows who she is. ^_^)

But it's nice to have some good things. Some VERY good things .. to report.

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