Monday, January 02, 2012

Still coughing, but the house is getting cleaner ...

And you just missed Miss Bucket walking through the living room with two Nerf-type guns, stopping at the dining room table (where Michael and Bruise are playing the Lego Harry Potter board game), and declaring, "Stop! Or I'll SHOOT!!"

I have a load of dishes in the dishwasher ... about to start the first of at least three loads of laundry today.
We're spending the last morning of Christmas Vacation in our pajamas, apparently. ^_^

I still need to figure out a good treat for Family Home Evening tonight. I have a lesson ... need to also figure out what song to sing for FHE. Michael's in charge of the activity. (Having our cute little FHE assignment board is helpful. And I'm glad we were able to get it for less than $10. Deseret Book sales are awesome.)

In other news, my sinuses are nowhere nearly as congested as they were! That's a huge plus. I still have to blow my nose a lot (or else the nasties end up moving into my lungs. Ew.), but it's a whole lot easier to breathe. Especially at night. Except for the stupid coughing. Oh well.

I can always think of tons of things that I want to get done ... but, ugh, getting the motivation to actually DO it all ... I'll get there. Someday. But I really SHOULD finally earn my Personal Progress medallion (and the awesome bookmark that they now have). And I have a desire to actually DO THE READING for Sunday School (even if I skip it far too often). And I need to do my reading for our Relief Society lessons, too.
And get my Visiting Teaching done. And organize all the cupboards. And read the 2,000+ books on my to-be-read list. And have (and maintain) a clean house.

So, saying THAT, I should totally get off my duff and get the laundry started. Then clean off the one counter (AGAIN). And read my scriptures. And fold some laundry (and repeat the laundry process a few more times).

And figure out the snack for Family Home Evening. DEFINITELY.

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