Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19 - Nicknames you have and why you have them

Well, this is a little easier ...

  • LlannaLee - My first and middle name, minus the first syllable of my first name.
    (Variations: WannaWee [so twee] and RrannaRee [if you're turning Japanese ... or trying to imitate the Japanese accent].)
    My Mom started it. 
  • PrincessBudderfwy - What my Nana calls me. Since, when I was little, I couldn't pronounce "butterfly."
  • Ornery Little Critter - What Pop-pop referred to me as. And he's right.
  • Love/My Love - What Michael calls me
  • Mom/Mommy - What Bruise and Bucket call me
  • Sista [Last Name] - What some of my Young Women still call me. It's SASSY!
  • Allanna-Head - What my Jason-Head (Michael's youngest brother) calls me
  • Auntie Llanna - What my nieces call me. And I think my nephew'd call me that, too. But he's not a big talker.
  • Sister [Last Name] - What I get called at church. When they don't call me by my first name.
  • Kiddo - Uncle Steve, Mom, and Jason-Head all call me this at times.
  • [Bruise and Bucket]'s Mom - That one is self-explanatory, I should hope.
And this is without counting the strange things that I end up being called.

A classmate in my interpersonal communications class could NEVER figure out my name.
She always called me "Yolanda."
The professor tried that once. ONCE. She received a VERY WITHERING LOOK.
Good thing that I LIKED my professor.

Another gal always called me "Ah-Nah-LEE." ... How she got that from "Allanna" ... well, it's halfway there.

"Blonde Bimbo" ... what I once answered to in my (smallish) High School cafeteria.
I knew that it was a friend calling. And ... well, I was wearing a short skirt that day.

I've been called other people's names - Amanda (a friend. Also the name of my sister-in-law-squared.), Adria (friend from church), Meryl (a friend that I really look nothing like. Except we're both Caucasian), LaDonna (my Black friend), Leilani (friend from High School), and, on occasion, I get called my daughter's name.

Once of my my friends even called me HER own name. But it was before school started. So I think she was still waking up. Or something.

Those are the only ones that really come to mind.

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