Monday, January 09, 2012

So far ...

Today has been ... semi-productive.

I've gotten all the RSVPs for the family party ... So Michael and I have plans for food and entertainment for the kids. QUIET indoor entertainment OR, if the weather's nice, we can have them go play at the park.
(PLEASE PRAY FOR GOOD WEATHER. This way we'll have kids who've gotten all their wild hairs out of their systems. And that's always a plus. ... And it lets the youngest two cousins present be able to join in with the big kids.)

(If it's crappy/cold weather, I checked out a book of games ... and I'm going to be reading it the next couple days.)

I did not run my errands while the kids were at school.
I thew one load of dishes into the dishwasher (I know, it sounds repetitious to me, too.)
Transferred laundry over and did another load (Now I reap the benefits ... I get to wear my favorite maternity pants).
And I cleaned up my side of the bed. ... I'll be able to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night and NOT step all over scattered paperbacks/magazines/plastic bags ... Yeah, it was crazy.
And I talked to my mom about what we'll do with the kids before Michael gets home tomorrow.

Then the kids came home and we went to the bank (where they FOUGHT! OY!), the library (where I FORGOT to turn in the one book ... but it's not due until Sunday. And I checked out more books. Yay! I like books! They make me happy.), and we got milk at the grocery store. Then we went home, I fetched the mail, and we laid down.

And I chatted with my T, who called.
And then, after the kids got up (not a REAL nap ... but a rest. And I was willing to go with that.), my dad called and we chatted.

And I've been having the kids help me unload the dryer ... and I'm making PROGRESS on the laundry.
Now to unload the dishwasher and do another load of dishes. I'm still procrastinating that.

But, hey, I've almost finished the breastfeeding book that I've meant to read for the past while. (Yes, I know I'm a veteran lactivist ... but I figure that I can use a refresher course. Just in case. I like to cover my bases.)

I need to get the kids' Thank You cards ready ... especially since they'll owe TWO cards to Grampy.
And I have a couple thank you notes to write. So I should get that done. One more thing off my list of MUST BE DONEs.

Now it's time to head out and take the kids out to dinner.

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