Thursday, February 02, 2012

Progress ...

The boy we've been praying for has regained consciousness. That's a good thing.

I had a good time with my mom up here. Also a good thing.

I think I found the diaper bag that I want. I just have to be able to wait until the NEXT paycheck to buy it.

I cleaned out BabyGirl's bassinette, so that I won't have to do that later.

Found my (manual) breast pumps. They were on top of a cupboard in the kitchen the whole time!

Now to attempt to find my nursing clothes.
And to DEFINITELY get the boxes of infant clothes out of the shop and organized and put away.

I also need to clean off my desk. And take pictures for a project for the kids' class. I'll get it done.
This weekend, our oldest niece is being baptized.
That'll be nice.

I only gained about 3.5 lbs this last week. Not too shabby. Especially since my feet and calves are getting swollen again. I should drink more water.
I'm feeling a LOT better, undercarriage-wise (When I was in the hospital with my kidney stone? The nurses thought it was funny when I'd refer to my girly-bits as "my undercarriage." "It sounds like you're talking about a car!" Well, yes. But it's a little more entertaining than using the scientific terms a BAZILLION times. Just sayin'.) ... So, it's good to know that we've solved THAT problem. Stupid thrush.
My blood pressure is BEAUTIFUL (That's a direct quote, by the by), so that's a good thing.
I REALLY don't want to have preeclampsia AGAIN.

The OB (not my usual one, but another in the practice) did say that I could go into labor whenever and it'd be fine. Things are looking good.
She also noticed one of the marks on my garment ("Is this a fake belly button?" ... With a question like that, it's so darling! I had to let her know that, no, it's not. There's a reason for it.) and we talked about the significance of the LDS garments. It was nice ... it also let me know that, goodness, it's been too long since I've gone to the temple. (The last couple times I went were for sealings ... so it's been a while since I did an endowment session. I'm getting rusty in my knowledge.)
Yes, I did talk about garments. Because they're sacred, not secret. And I think that if people have questions, it's good to give them information. ... Just like when my kids ask about their bodies. My daughter is aware that someday she's going to have breasts and a menstrual cycle. My son's aware that ladies bleed once a month. And that he'll be a daddy at some point. They both know that (most) women can feed their babies using breasts ... just like the rest of the mammalian order (It is order, right? I mean, the KINGDOM would be Animalia ... then it'd be mammals, right? Correct me if my preggo-brain is getting all mixed up, please.)

At this point ... I'm just really tired.
And hoping that BabyGirl is head-down there in my uterus. If not, I'm going to be doing some yoga and such in a last-ditch effort to get her to be head-down. I can handle that.

I also need to get my bag packed for the hospital. JUST. IN. CASE. ... I'd like to actually be prepared this time. It's a nice thing.
So, I should also schedule a last waxing. And a gel pedicure. So my toesies are PRETTY.
For some reason that feels INCREDIBLY VITAL to me at this point.
I don't know why. But it does.

I still can't believe that my due date is getting closer all the time.
I mean, really. It's 22 days until BabyGirl is "supposed" to arrive. That means that it's 27 days until the day that I hope she comes (which happens to be my last OB appointment scheduled).
It's so strange. This is the longest I've ever been pregnant. Tomorrow it'll be 37 weeks. That's crazy!
Good crazy ... but crazy.

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