Monday, November 19, 2007

Lately ...

The van's in the shop, being checked out and all. So the kidlets and I are stuck at home for the time being.

I'm trying to get on top of things for lock-in (a cub scout thing). I need to figure out how to decorate our booth and who to borrow rain gutters from ... if anyone has hints/tips, I'm more than happy to hear them!!

I finally gave up trying to "adjust" my wedding set (it's too big and I can't afford to get it resized right yet), so I'm now wearing my mom's set from when she and my dad were married. It's cute.

Finally, after my in-laws remarking so much about how skinny I seem, I finally weighed myself (and it appears that Bruise and Bucket DIDN'T break the scale by putting it in the bathtub that one time) ... Dude, I lost ten pounds! And I didn't know it! What?!?
Not that I'm complaining. So I only have about ten pounds to lose to get to my goal weight (which takes me to a normal BMI).

We watched Meet the Robinsons last night. SO CUTE! Seriously, it was much better than Michael and I expected. There were parts that kids probably won't get (like a certain spoof of martial arts films) ... but I laughed SO HARD! And Michael was thoroughly pleased as well.

I'm caught up on laundry ... but have procrastinated on finishing up the weekend dishes. May God have mercy on my soul. They'll never get done at this point.

I read The Daring Book for Girls. I have to buy it and the Dangerous Book for Boys. They're both excellent.

I got my iPod working. It wasn't being recognized by the computer ... then it was "corrupted" ... then we couldn't turn it off ... so Michael went to the computer store and they reset it (in about a minute) and it works again. Yay!!

So, yeah. Oh, and my MHN (Mental Health Number) is doing much better. Thanks!

Oh, and Kari? You're so totally right about that Sonicare toothbrush. I pink, puffy heart mine. Happy early Christmas to me! I was able to say "buh-bye" to so much plaque. The backs of my front teeth? They're so flippin' SMOOTH!!! And the back of my bottom teeth are looking/feeling tons (metric tonnes, even) better!

Oh, and I made Michael crack up laughing as we moved the carseats into T2's car (which we're borrowing while the van's in the shop ... I can't drive it [stick shift] but it doesn't matter, since Michael drives it to work anyways) and I was getting frustrated. And I referred to a "gorram seatbelt."
And Michael laughed because, hello!! I'm a Firefly geek!! Next thing you know, I'll be swearing in Mandarin. (First, it'd really help if I actually SPOKE Mandarin.)

So, let's hope and pray that we'll get the van back tomorrow. It'd be really, really, REALLY nice. this way Michael can get to work and I can pick him up from work and we can drive the van down to his folks' for Thanksgiving.

So ... yeah.

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