Monday, November 12, 2007

Silence ...

My blogging silence is not because I've ritually disemboweled myself due to the stress and shame of the last weekend.

No, I've been a little busy. My mommy's visiting! She goes back home tomorrow, so I've been taking advantage of the time we have together ... even though I did spend a good deal of today at the computer, catching up on blogs, as she completes Sudokus in the rocking chair.

AND!! She bought me moisturizer. Because she loves me.

AND!!! I roasted a chicken. AFTER I brined it. And it was beautiful and tasted really good. And I made mashed potatoes from scratch.

When I asked Michael if he had any suggestions, his response was: "More often??"

Yup, I'm all domesticated. I rule.

The kiddos have new winter hats that fit. (I chose them out at Target while the kidlets and Michael held down the fort. Mom tried not to snicker too loudly as I tried on toddler-sized hats. And then a REALLY cute little girl's Nordic-style hat (with TASSELS!!).

So, now I'm brewing a chicken corpse for broth. It should be good. ^_^

In case you were wondering about that last thing that I was freaking about (the possibility of offending/uncomforting that one awesome girl), I called her Saturday. If she was offended, she was totally cool. She told me that, no, we're fine and that I shouldn't worry at all about it.

(Hello!! I TOLD you she was cool. ... And she knows that I think she's cool. Since I only told her like, oh, THREE times. So maybe she's scared that I'm a total stalker.)

(But I can totally handle that. Because my friends and I love that Garrens Comedy Troupe cover of "Happy Together." The one that reworks the lyrics so it's TOTALLY a stalker's song. And it's excellent.)

And the parade went well. Even though the people were punks and DID NOT JUDGE OUR FLOAT. They told our driver (Since I wasn't there. I was able to hang with the family and take some pictures. Woo-hoo!) that he should have gotten there on time for the judging.

HELLO?!? He was there when registration STARTED. Looks like it's someone else's screw-up. Don't pass the buck onto us. We're Cub Scout-people. We're HONEST and crap.

Oh, and I saw my cool mentor-teacher (not the one that had me stressed enough that I was puking daily and wishing to die. NO. This was the sweet, funny, wonderful one). And I was able to introduce my mom to her. And K (since that's her first initial) told me that once I want to start subbing or anything to let her know. And she was totally thrilled for me to be able to be a SAHM.

See why I LOVE that woman? She's totally sweet and lovely. And she and I GET each other. And did I mention that she's so nice?!? Because she totally is. I could start a fan club.

I should. If it wouldn't be too stalker-esque.

But, yeah. Things are going better. I should get the booth for Lock-In totally planned out. And then totally plan the Blue and Gold Dinner. And then I can take a breath. Before having to TOTALLY plan the Pinewood Derby. And then all the other stuff. *phew*

Yeah. And I'm still going to try and keep my mouth shut more often while visiting teaching.

Just in case.


When I'm not trying to keep my kidlets from getting into trouble. Or stealing my cell phone.

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