Monday, December 31, 2007

Closing up the new year

I had a meeting last night for my calling.

Needless to say, I'm not one of those people that's thrilled at ALL to go to any meetings. But I tried not to be too much of a stick in the mud about it.

And the roads coming home? Another gal from the meeting and I were slipping on the sidewalk and road getting back to our cars. *sigh*

The good thing about this week? Michael's home today and tomorrow.
I REALLY like that. So do the kiddos ... since now the first thing out of their mouth (after either "Mommy!! 'Lo!!!" or Bucket's dulcet bellowing of "Moooom!!! Bruise S'EEPIN'!!!!!") is "Daddy goooooooh" or "Daddy wooo(h)k."

You think they miss him as much as I do?
... Couldn't be.

The last couple of nights, Michael and I have watched "Regency House Party" ... that PBS special from nearly five years ago ...

Michael: It's just like high school. No wonder I don't like the Regency period.

(I did impress him with mentioning Beau Brummel before the program did ... Hey! they were talking about the fashion movement from the dandification to the more austere and dapper-looking fashions ... And Beau Brummel is THE fashion example for that time. The Prince Regent took lessons from him ... well, until they fell out of sorts with each other ...
Yes, I AM that much of a geek. What's the surprise there?)

I do have to say that with all the freedoms we've gained and how society has changed since the Regency period ... these modern women were so totally moved when they received a flower. Much more moved than they'd be if most men presented them with jewelry nowadays.
Why is this?

I had more to write, but what with the kidlets coming to me to beg for snacks and cleaning up the house, I've forgotten most of it. Sorry. Maybe later today. Or next year.


fold my laundry please said...

I'm with Michael, high school was a miserable experience!

And I just now realized why it's called the Regency Period. Prince Regent in charge, Regency Period...what a doofus I am! And I was a history major!

fold my laundry please said...

Happy New Year, my wonderful friend! And your wonderful family, too!

Counting ...

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