Friday, November 09, 2007

Overheard around the Bloggosphere

Okay, one's from my inbox, but still ...

But, have you ever been just surfing along the internet tide, reading along and suddenly there's one of the greatest things EVER SAID, right there in front of you?

Yeah, me neither. No! I was just asking a hypothetical-situation question ... *shifty eyes*

Well, I was reading "In the Dark," the movie newsletter by Eric D. Snider (and, yeah, I'm kinda a fan girl for him. He's hilarious!) ... but it's also in the movie review on his site, too!

AND I was faced with, "He isn’t creepy so much as pathetic, screaming and ranting in a way that is (unintentionally) hilarious and that isn’t the least bit intimidating. It's like being menaced by Tobey Maguire." (Emphasis mine.)

Seriously, did you NOT watch Tobey Maguire being all emo in Spiderman 3?? I totally almost wet my pants laughing. It's like ME, Miss Princess of Laughter and Sunshine and Unicorns trying to sing angsty Alanis Morrisette songs.

(Really, it's vair, vair pitiful ... "You Oughta Know ... that I like puppies." would be the best way to describe my performance. If I ever was very drunk and needed to to a karaoke number to make terrorists laugh or else the world would end, THAT would be the song I should perform.)

And, on Mir's last post, one of the comments was SO good.

In Mir's post, her kids were talking and got on the topic that boys can't kiss each other. "Well, no, they can." "Oh! I know what that's called!! MORMONISM!!" "Um, no."
Now, Mir isn't a member of our church ... but a lot of her readers are. And one had the BEST comment. (It's not often that someone's comment can make me laugh more than a post of Mir's, but Meg's comment sure did.)

she was talking about her son (who seems to be like me -- in how we hear lyrics) and how he had really gotten into the Transformers cartoon ... the one from the 80s.

The real lyrics are:
Transformers: More than meets the eye.
Transformers: Robots in disguise

What he hears:
Transformers: More than beats me eye
Transformers: Mormons in disguise."

*wipes tears of laughter away*

Needless to say, Michael LOVED that last line.

Yup, I am rather easily amused.

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