Thursday, December 13, 2007

Randomosity ...

... As opposed to the normally completely lucid posts that I write.

... Bueller?

BUT, here are things that I find interesting/funny/etc.

Let me start with a very important message:

Please, think of the children.

Songs for the REAL MAN ...

When I showed this to Michael, his response was, "I sometimes hate my species."
"You mean gender?"
"Yes, that. *shakes head in disgust*"

And HERE is a holiday that I am SO DEVISTATED that I missed!!!
Too bad I don't have the technology needed to go back. *sigh*

I'll blog again later with interesting conversations that I've had recently.

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fold my laundry please said...

When will people open their eyes and see how cooties are destroying our lives?!?! *shakes fist in the air* DARN YOU, COOTIES! WHY WON'T YOU JUST LET US LIVE IN PEACE!! Until then, I'll just keep my fingers crossed at all times!

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