Monday, December 10, 2007

It's been a while ...

Wow, I can tell that I haven't blogged for a bit. Sorry if you missed me and my ... lack of sanity.

The truck's acting up again. I SO wish that I was more mechanic-y ... then maybe I could fix it for Michael. But when? The kiddos have (for now) won the Great Nap War of 2007. So, yes, there's really no naptime in this house anymore. ... Which makes me not want to travel. Ever. Oh well. Bucket will sometimes take a nap in the afternoon. Bruise will conk out (IF we're holding him) a few hours before bedtime.

Bruise has a cold. So, yesterday, after my talk in Sacrament meeting (the first chirch meeting -- in case you're not LDS), I took the kiddos home since Bruise and his dripping snotfest wouldn't be allowed in Nursery (the "class" for the 18 mos - 3 year olds).

BUT we did get out kicker check from our state taxes. Yay! So now I'm not getting much more wrinkled (Did I mention that I'm getting WRINKLES?!?!? YES! and I'm not even thirty!!!) ... and Michael doesn't have to be all despondent because I'm worrying about crap that I have no control over. (Yes, that's one of my talents. Shut up. It is SO a talent. One that I wish I didn't have.)

Bruise is doing better today. Bucket's got a bit of a cough ... but she's had that for about a week now.

The kiddos woke up at around FIVE IN THE MORNING today. Michael dealt with them after his shower ... as I lay in bed (and then the kiddos slept until around 7:45 or so. Nice!). I could have gotten up ... but I really, really, REALLY didn't want to. Not even when Miss Bucket was knocking on their door and saying "Hello Daddy! Hello Mommy! Mommy sleeping!!"

I have to say that thanks to PBS, the kiddos are doing pretty well ... Bruise works at singing the ABC song. Bucket will sing "La la. La la la. Elmo Word." And when we see letters, Bucket will pick out some of them ... Usually the Os and Ss.

I need to figure out what to get the munchkins for Christmas. And their birthday. They really have most everything they NEED. I'm thinking maybe just some small trinkets (think stockings) and maybe trips to do things -- the aquarium, the zoo ... if they were older, I'd really want to drag them to OMSI. (I'm such a geek. I really, really love OMSI and wish I got up there more often. Maybe we'll find some room in the budget for that. It'd be cool.)

We went to Storybook Land this last weekend. Bruise was okay with sitting on Santa's lap ... as long as he got the candy cane. Bucket? Was. Not. Happy. She wouldn't let go of Grandma ... and screamed most of the time, anyways. *sigh* AND my camera's flippin' batteries RAN OUT as we were there. Good thing we'll be going again this weekend. I'm bringing my backup batteries this time. Freakin' batteries.

Well, I think it's time to suction out Bruise's nose again. (You know you're doing a GOOD job when, amid the nasty snot, you're extracting cries of "Daaaaaaaady!!! Daddy!!!" Yeah, sign me up for mother of the year. Oh yes.)

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