Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've started listening to Christmas music -- I succumb to Bri's praise of Pandora once again.

And, I can't really complain. when they throw in some not-Christmassy music, I can fix it pretty quickly. And, a couple wrong songs (not that they're not GOOD songs ... just not what I want) is a very small song to pay for Bing and Sinatra ... and NO. FRIGGIN'. "LAST CHRISTMAS by FRIGGIN' WHAM!"!

(I declare that if I hear that song once more in my lifetime, I will not be held accountable for my actions. I've heard it THAT. MANY. TIMES. in the last 365 days. Yes, just last year. Oh, my stinking heck ... is that song overplayed!)

BUT, I'm not here to threaten violence due to an 80s song. No.

I have things to share! Nice wonderful things. That make me tear up ... because under my layers of sarcasm and self-depreciating humor, my dears, I am a SAP.

So here goes:

In the spirit of the season, "Shepherds go find the baby Jesus" at Chased by Children.

(*insert me sobbing* "I LOVE the baby Jesus!!"*)

And since I haven't been through anything like this, I really can't RELATE ... but it makes me feel good to know that there are people out there, totally wonderful and compassionate people who are helping to comfort those that mourn one of the hardest losses that I can contemplate: Strollerderby - Capturing Joy During Most Painful Loss.

And then, there's this couple. They're ballet dancers. They're very good. And ... well, she lost an arm in a car accident. He lost one leg during his childhood.

They amaze me. I only wish that we showed such persistence in striving to better the world.

And since I can't have you leaving thinking that I'm all deep and stuff, here's something that makes me laugh. Because laughing is good for you.

The Writers' Strike Version of House, M.D.

*snrk!* I love that.

Now back to my Christmas music. It looks like Pandora is choosing excellently once again. (Thanks Bri!)

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