Saturday, November 10, 2007

Possibly Offending People One Word at a Time

So, my VT companion emailed me. I may have made a sister we teach feel uncomfortable.

And I've been beating myself up about it. Because that's what I do.

I whine to Michael, "Can't I just never talk? Why do I have to talk?"

then I wonder if maybe, because I'm such a hermit nowadays ... if, because most of the people I talk to are people who know me and love me and accept my eccentric behaviors and, um, my-honest-myself-no-holds-barred conversation ... if maybe because of this I just have lost my social skills. Maybe I just am not appropriate for social appearances.

I'm going to call the sister in question and apologize, JUST IN CASE. Maybe my companion read the situation wrong. Maybe it's no big deal.

But this girl is one who seems cool. And I'd like her as a friend. But what if she doesn't like me?

(P.S. Dianne, I'm so glad that you are so cool and invited me over. I feel a little less like a social pariah. ^_^)

I stress about stupid things: money, possibly having maybe offended or uncomforted someone, this dang parade float (which, in -- oh -- maybe five hours or so, will be completely over. So, instead I can freak out about Lock-In and the Blue and Gold Dinner and the Pinewood Derby. Yay. :P)

The other day I saw a funny T-shirt. It read "Yes, I am silently judging you."

I thought it was funny. I wouldn't wear it because it's not describing me. I try not to judge people.

I, obviously, need one that says something more like: Possibly, maybe, probably running off my mouth again and not being socially-savvy enough to realize that I might be offending you. And, if I do, I'm really, really sorry and I apologize in advance. And will continue to kick myself in the head about it once it's brought to my attention ... even after I do apologize in person.

And then on the back it could say, "Please pet my hair and tell me that I'm darling and that it's okay."

But really, I'm ready to not leave the house. And maybe to take a vow of silence.
After I apologize to the girl.



Cynthia said...

Hey, don't stress too much over it! Talk to the girl, maybe it's just a simple misunderstanding. You do have a weird sense of humor (which i love you for but it can't be surprising to people who don't know you!).
And if you really offended her, apologize and realize that you can't please everybody but that there are people out there (and in my case very far out there) that love you just as you are!
I'd invite you over to get you out but it might be a little difficult since I'm an ocean away ^_^

fold my laundry please said...

I have a pretty off sense of humor, but I manage to keep my mouth shut most of the time. However, when I'm pregnant, watch out. I suffer from a rare disease that causes me to run off at the mouth without stopping to think first! Something I've discovered about the accidental offendations (it is too a word) I've committed, people tend to get over it a lot quicker than you would think. So, no fear! A nice apology should cover your bases and if she never recovers from your terrible and horrible utterances...meh! Not everyone in life is destined to be a friend. I, however, am proud to call you my friend!

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