Saturday, December 01, 2007

Some cool things ...

And yes, I'm geeky because I think that these are really cool. I know. Yeah, yeah. Quit giving me that condescending look, okay? I know I'm nerdy and all.

BUT these things are pretty neat!

1 - Scientists have created prosthetic limbs that allow the wearer to FEEL STUFF!

2 - There's a strain of lab mice with a gene (Par-4) that fights cancer. And seems to have no ill effects! How cool is that?!?

3 - This is just cute, really ... Here are the mascots for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. They're designed by Meomi (which, pretty much means that they're so Japanimation-y-adorable).

We got our tree today. It smells wonderful. We haven't decorated it yet. We did a family portrait. I'm pretty dang happy with it (which is saying a lot, since I'm really very hard on myself about my appearance --- dang stupid beauty magazines with their airbrushing and crap). Our photographer was super awesome. She even got Bucket (who likes to affect an "Oh, I'm too shy to smile or even LOOK at you, heaven forbid!" act) to smile and have fun. (Of course, the giant stuffed Elmo-beanbag/doll didn't hurt at all.)
In fact, when we left, I had asked Bruise to say bye to T (the photographer).
"Ba-yee, Teeee-yee."

As my heart melted a little ... I'll admit that I'm a little jealous. He doesn't even call me by my name (which, to him is -of course- Mommy). Everyone's either Daddy or Grampa (or Grandma or Nana) to Bruise. Except for our photographer. ^_^

Bucket likes to talk. She's getting pretty good. She's using sentences pretty darn well. "Daddy go." "Ow, hurts" "Please DEET!!" "I like cheese." ... I mean, she's not about to hold court in the salons of Paris or anything ... but ... I'm kinda impressed.

Bruise and Bucket like to jump. And they jump well. If I had the funds for it, I'd be enrolling them in a tumbling class. They'd have a blast.

I have rather cuddly kids. I like that. I have to remember not to take it for granted.

And, for being nursed for this long, I don't think that they're too clingy. (Sometimes, I feel rather like their personal set of ready-to-go udders ... but that's rather understandable when, say, Bruise nurses for five minutes and goes and plays ... then comes back within fifteen minutes to have another go.)

Things are going well. Prayer works. That makes me glad. ... Even when I'm wearying Heavenly Father with some of my prayers, I'm sure. ^_^ But it's good to know that He loves me. It makes me happy.

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