Sunday, November 04, 2007

Crazy Dream Chronicles, Part ... Um ... Whatever

So, I dreamed that I was back at school. College-school.

And I was just, like, crashing classes after being absent for so long, since I've had kids and all. So my name wasn't on the roll. At parts, I was with ... it had to be a friend from high school -- who I offered a ride home to, but I couldn't give it to her since the van was blocked in. When I went back to class, I had Michael with me.

The History teacher was so like an English teacher I have had in real life ... and she described how I smelled. Like cornflowers, a fresh breeze, summer and laundry.

Random Llanna-trivia: I worry about how I smell. Almost OC worrying. Which is really sad.

In other news, even though we had an "extra" hour, I did not. Kiddos were awake at 6 A.M. I wanted them to sleep in a while. No such luck.


Other, other news, I made oatmeal for the kiddos. One of Bucket's favorite words (for any type of fruit) is "apple."
I had dehydrated apples in our food storage, so in they went! I asked her if she liked them. Sure enough, she nodded and smiled and ate more bites.
Bruise seemed to enjoy the liberal sprinkling of brown sugar I put on top.

I don't know if I really care for instant oatmeal that much. But, hey! It's healthy. The kiddos eat it. Not bad!!

Now, just to get into the habit of cooking other meals. And to get into the habit of cooking meals during the day for the kiddos. (See, that "Too Lazy to Bottlefeed" shirt I want?? It's TOO TRUE!!)

And, Kari, don't worry about getting emotional about people's stories.
This morning, after Signing Time, Rachel, the gal who does it, was talking about how her daughter, Leah, is deaf. Leah's cousin was born when Leah was a few months old. Alex (the cousin) and Leah both learned sign language so he could communicate with Leah.
THEN, she mentioned another girl who's featured in segments on the show. It's her other daughter. Who has spina bifida. And she was able to learn to sign, talk, and sing.

There I am, with Bruise and Bucket, holding back tears ... and being so dang thankful that I have healthy little kidlets who can walk, talk, run, and dance ...

Yeah, I had to work to not burst into tears. Because Michael would wonder what's possessed his wife THIS TIME.


Anonymous said...

I love you. Honestly and truly. I miss you more than words can say.

N & K Caulder said...

Thanks for sharing your story. It does make me feel better. :)

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