Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some random videos

This first one makes me miss those school and church dances.

These two are too cool fo' school, dawg. I would totally crush on them if I were about a decade younger.

And here are some guys. I know them from high school.
And now I'm about crying from laughing. And missing them rather badly.
Check out this video: DragonMonkey

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The narrator? I've only known him since second grade.
Dragon Monkey? I first met him in junior high. He's just as hilarious (if not more so) when he's not playing a martial arts character.
And the contender? I still crack up about things that he's said.

I also found that another of my high school friends got together with another mutual friend (his old roommate) and they went surfing together. they also have a video on MySpace.

And, dang if I'm not feeling all nostalgic and crap. What would I do differently? What would I have done the same? How much I miss my old group (Hint: Theater freaks rock so dang much. We didn't need to drink at our parties. We were already a little crazy). ... And then there were my church friends who I never get together with enough, either. *sigh*

Well, I need to actually get productive today. There's a lesson to be planned for the Cub Scout Pack meeting (Even if I sometimes forget that I'm cubmaster, that doesn't mean that anyone else is going to let me get away wtih not having crap planned. Right? Right. So onto planning and executing those plans. ... Now I have a mental image of myself guillotining my Pack Meeting Plans. Ha ha ha.), dishes to be done, books to finish, meals to cook (Okay, who'm I kididng? MEAL to be cooked. I barely cook ... unless I get a strong desire to try something new or to make something that I REALLY want to eat) ... oh, and I need a shower. No denying that one.

So, let's get moving. Fun, fun, fun.

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Cynthia said...

OMG, how did you find that video? I laughed so much!!! I have to say I'm feeling a little nostalgic myself. Even if I was there for just a year, I had a blast with the theatre freaks and I miss them sometimes!

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