Friday, November 16, 2007

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Bruise likes to point at things and ask, "Whazz zat??" ("What's that" in case you don't speak Bruise.)

Bucket likes eating dried apples.

I made cinnamon rolls. They're delicious. I eat two because one's sooo good. Then I feel a little sick 'cause they're so rich.
Then I wait a few hours to repeat this process. Because, did I mention this?, they're goooood.

And it looks like our transmission is going out. After two months. Yes, never buy a warranty from Ultimate Warranty (which, it appears, might not exist anymore). SO, since this transmission was guaranteed for one-year, they'd BETTER replace it. Since we're still working on paying for that stinking diagnostic and flush that they refused to cover.

(Yes, that's really the reason that we got so behind on money. Instead of paying only the $100 deductible, we had to pay another $250 for crap that you HAVE to do to make sure that this stuff works and will work. Yet another reason --besides their obvious *snide* STELLAR */snide* customer service [which entails managers telling my husband that, oh yeah, they don't care. This is the only stuff that they cover. Tough for you. *cue evil laughter on their part and the grinding and gnashing of teeth on our part*]-- that it should be called "Ultimately Crap Warranty" ... and if you don't believe me, go read what they say about Ultimate on RipOff Report.)

So, seriously, start telling everyone that you know that Ultimate Warranty is ... not all that Ultimate. Refusing to pay for necessary stuff, using junkyard parts ... Like I said, not so Ultimate. Once this is done, I'm so posting this story to Consumerist.

On another note, I have an overdue book. I'm finishing it today. I have to. So I can turn it in. Since between the last time I checked online and YESTERDAY there were three holds put on the two copies at the library. *sigh*

So I'm going to sign off.
But, really, for good news ... Bruise is talking. His diction needs work. But he has down the cadence of adult speech. If you listen really hard, you can often make out what he's saying.
Bucket impressed her Auntie T1 with her extensive vocab and knowledge of animal sounds (T1 and Bucket were reading books when T1 dropped by. It was really nice, since I had T1 to distract the kiddos while I rolled out those cinnamon rolls.

And did I mention how good they are??
'Cause the totally are.

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Hi LlannalLee,
I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I liked your posts, they are so funny. I found your link from a friends - Steffielynn's

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fold my laundry please said...

Cinnamon rolls? Seriously? You are a rock star! And possibly my new best friend! Did I mention that I luuuuuv cinnamon rolls? I'm just sayin'...

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