Thursday, December 27, 2007

First, the bad news ... then Belated Christmas Greetings.

Sorry, things here have been hectic ... and when they weren't ... well, I was being lazy.

Our van's transmission is out again. And we're having to fight the stinkin' warranty company to get it fixed (since they only bought a used ... I MEAN "refurbished" transmission, which WE had to pay out of pocket to have flushed [and did TWICE] AND we had to pay for the diagnostic out of pocket, too. All this ON TOP of the deductible. *grrrrr* ... If you managed to follow all that, just know DON'T waste your money on Ultimate Warranty. Their bottom line is much, much more important to them than their customer satisfaction.

At this point, I'm just seriously torqued at them. They didn't get a transmission that worked for even three months (let alone the year that it was "guaranteed" for) and they're trying to weasel their way out of replacing it. (They didn't believe that we had, in fact, flushed the transmission ... And, really, if they're NOT paying for the flush, then they should be paying for a BRAND, STINKIN' NEW transmission ... which wouldn't need that flush. Doesn't that make sense? *sigh*)

If you don't believe me that Ultimate Warranty Sucks, here's some more proof:

Rip-Off Report: Ultimate Warranty
Star Tribune's coverage of Ohio-based Ultimate Warranty
Complaints Board: re Ultimate Warranty's Plain Dealer - Ultimate Warranty's dealings (as in, "Hey! We're going out of busininess because we, Ultimate Warranty, Suck! Hey, we sold more claims than we can pay. How's about you pony up the money that we can't manage??")(Oh, and guess what? The BBB's suspended UW's accreditation! Imagine that!!!) ...And noooooo, I'm not bitter.
And here's the write-up from

As you can kinda see, in short, Ultimate Warranty sucks.

So, really, tell your friends and have them tell their friends that Ultimate Warranty is going out of business, is out of money, doesn't treat their customers well, and that, most of all ... Ultimate Warranty sucks. ^_^ Do it for me.

As for me and my house, we are PRAYING and WEARYING the Lord with our prayers that this transmission will be taken care of (on the same claim so we won't be going into debt to pay a SECOND deductible) and that we won't have anymore problems ... that Ultimate Warranty will cease to suck ... that they will do what is right (not just what's most profitable at that second) ... so that I will have a van that works. So that we'll have a vehicle that the kids' car seats are safely installed inside. I'm so, so sick and tired of this. I just want to either have this fixed for once and for all ... or have the van BLOW UP or something so that I never have to deal with those jokers at Ultimate Warranty EVER AGAIN. Because, for the last time, Ultimate Warranty sucks. And they will continue to suck unless they get their craniums out of a certain orifice and start treating their paying customers with respect.

BUT, in other news, Christmas was great. Lots of food, got to see our families (well, my mom was the sole member of my side who was able to come, but I'm glad she was able to make it), everyone had a good time.

I mean, there were homemade cinnamon rolls, ham, roasted chicken, casseroles, pies ... Really, it's good stuff.
There were games and conversations.
There were happy children ... Bruise and Bucket are talking more (especially Bruise), they loved their presents, they didn't throw too many tantrums. Grandpa and Grandma beat us (Michael and me) at pool ... even after I accidentally bumped a ball out of place with my bum. AND it SO was not on purpose!!

Except for the issue with the van, things are really great. Michael's got the truck working well ... so we have ONE working vehicle.

Even with our late nights, it was great. I really am missing having a house full of people (and I think Michael will start to miss all the cooking I did the last few days ... after the leftovers run out. Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy, marshmallow salad, apple strudel bars, homemade cinnamon rolls, cheesecake ... I was a little busy. ^_^)

Michael spoiled me with a NICE camera and an external hard drive ... both things that I've wanted for such a long time. ^_^ The kidlets are sleeping in the tents (part of a playset) from Mutti. They love the easel from Grandma and Grandpa ... and all the books? Wonderful. I wish that the whole year could be like this (with the exception of the van, of course).

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday ... and that we'll be able to keep Christmas in our hearts the whole year round.

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