Monday, October 29, 2007

Pictures ... Part Four - The Temple

And, finally!! The pictures I took at the temple. (Since, on the last post, the pictures at the temple was [obviously] taken by Michael.)

First, the fountain. The kiddos love water, love fountains.
Shortly after this picture was taken (or was it right before?), Bruise walked into the mud. *rolls eyes*

At the reflection pond.
(Truly, this is Michael's and my temple. We got married here ... and it's so fun/different to be taking pictures of OUR KIDS at the same spots where our wedding pictures were taken.)

Still, they're pretty dang cute.

Since Michael was corralling the kidlets, I tooke the opportunity to try and get some pictures of the temple itself.

*sigh* Such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful place.

And here's what you see as you get back onto I-5.

Funny aside: One of my friends in college (not a member of our church) referred to the temple as "Mormon Disneyland." ... Since it's right along I-5 and you can totally see it as you drive by.

It stikes me as even funnier since, truly, it is probably the happiest place on earth.
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