Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

I WOULD post pictures ... but I really haven't taken any YET.

We went to our church's Halloween party last night. Bruise loved the games. Anyplace that encourages him to throw stuff = AWESOME.
Bucket enjoyed the games, too. She also loved eating apple slices.
(Don't tell Bruise, but right now our monkey-girl has better aim than he does. But he has a bit more enthusiasm. So I guess it evens out.)
The only letdown is that since Michael and I were always holding or corralling a kiddo, I didn't get a single picture while we were there.

I plan to make up for that tonight.

Tonight's going to be busy. Once Michael (who has the van today) gets home, we'll be off to the mall for tick-or-treating, then to the Boys and Girls' Club for our neighbor's son's church's celebration (Hey ... there's free hot dogs, popcorn ... those inflatables that you jump in, AND a big sack o' candies?? Count me in! And it's open to the public. Good stuff.), THEN we'll drop by our neighbors' house, since she specifically asked us to bring Bruise and Bucket by. And they are TOTALLY good people.
(Note to self: Remember to ask them over for dinner sometime.)

After tonight, I think that things will start to slow down. For about a week. Then I can start to get us all ready for visiting family and Thanksgiving. AND there's the prep for the Veteran's Day parade. Give me strength.

I mean, I know that I can make it. It's just getting to the point where I know for a fact (instead of taking it on faith) that I can make it.

And, not to brag, but I was looking at a picture that Michael took of me (as I was scraping out pumpkin guts so he could carve a Jack-Lantern for the munchkin brigade) ... and dang if I don't look rather skinny. When did this happen??

Not like I'm about to be fitting in my jeans from high school or anything, but I'm looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. Which is a nice surprise.

I'm almost caught up in my library books. Which is nice. Since I'm tired of having 20 books that are approaching their due date ... When I've only read, like, THREE of them.

Trivia about me: I feel a little guilty when I have to renew a book.
Yes, really. And it doesn't make sense at all. I KNOW.

SO, in short, I'll post pictures later. The kiddos enjoy eating candy (at first, Bucket didn't like how it felt on her teeth. But she's over that now.

(Note to self: MUST have kiddos brush their teeth. Don't forget!!)
(Unrelated note to self: Cut Michael's hair.)
(Another unrelated note to self: Stop worrying. It's going to be fine. If we run out of candy IF that many trick-or-treaters come by, make cookies. Assure kids that you didn't spit/sneeze/shed in the batter. And that there aren't razor blades or crap or whatever in there, either. If they don't believe you ... well, they're missing out on some good cookies.)

You know what I always really miss this time of year?
The Halloween episode of My So-Called Life.

I found it on tv-links recently. Just as good, if not better, than I remembered.

(Note to self: Next year, plan costume for self. It might be fun. Instead of scrabbling around the house for anything that MIGHT be costume-y. Really.)
(Related note: Start planning the kidlets' birthday party. Get a theme, plan the invites, and decide on food. You'll feel so much better. THEN -- WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BUY THEM????)
(Omiheck!! I've got to buy Christmas presents!!! Crapity crap!!!! *head exploding*)

Excuse me. I fear that I'm suffering from technical difficulties.
I'll be back probably tomorrow with pictures and an un-exploded head.
I hope.

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fold my laundry please said...

We just now ran out of candy and we had a huge crowd of kids at the door! :( They were all pretty nice about it. They older kids even smiled and said, "Happy Halloween!" I didn't bake cookies though. I just printed out a note that said, "Out of Candy! Sorry!" and turned out the front porch light. Oh, and I brought the pumpkins in so that they wouldn't get smashed out of spite.

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