Friday, November 02, 2007

A bookish post

Bruise, Bucket and I made it to storytime for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!!

Yeah, who da man??

Yup, I da man. ... Or as Michael will answer me, "You da WO-man."

Bucket did just about all the hand motions to "The Wheels on the Bus." I was impressed.
Bruise had fun going up to Dana (the AWESOME Children's Librarian at our library). At one point, I looked up from doing hand motions with Bucket on my lap and there Bruise was, bouncing around on Dana's lap. ^_^

Bruise even got a stamp on his hand. A little purple cat to go with the witch tattoo he got trick-or-treating.

Before I picked up my holds, I took the kiddos over to the kids' books. They each got a board book. They were REALLY ENGROSSED in the books this week.

Usually I choose between 4-7 books and they don't seem that into them until after we get out to the car.

This time ... Bucket, who was exhausted, kept her Elmo book open on her lap, even after she was nearly conked out.

Yes, she is my daughter.

One of the staff let me know that there's a circ desk opening.
It's tempting ... but, especially with twins, ... well, with the transportation and the childcare ... I'd be lucky to break even.

Maybe after mom retires ... but that'd be a LOT of time that she'd have to be away from HER home ...

I don't feel that right now is the time for me to go back in the work force. I want to be here to see my kidlets grow ... and I miss Michael too much as it is.


Okay, okay. This post has gone from "bookish" to NOT bookish at all ... Bringing it back around:

Bucket loves her Elmo book. Bruce very much likes the Corduroy book I picked for him. I'm in the middle of a Laura Lippman mystery ... for more books that I'm reading or considering reading in the near future, you can always check the GoodReads widget to the side.

I should get offline sometime so that I can finish my books. Sometime. ^_^

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