Monday, November 26, 2007

What's in a name?

I know that, at some point, I should get a nice, decent name/title/THING for this blog. I mean, yeah, I started it in the earlier days of Blogger as a secondary blog (my at-the-time primary didn't host pictures). ...

I mean, I agonize over what to name a cat nowadays. How can I name a blog? Something that is my little vignette that I present to the world. (And, also, how pretentious can I BE? I mean, I just used the term "Vignette!")

Which got me thinking ... My name sometimes makes me laugh. When people say it really fast, (my first and last name), some people hear it as "Monica."
(As an aside, I'm not very much at ALL like Monica Gellar. My house is messy. And I think that I give good backrubs. And, though I do like cooking -- at times -- I'm SO not a chef.)

I feel the desire to rename my blog. But I don't know what exactly I'm going to choose. Maybe I'll just try choosing a different name for it and changing it when I feel that I don't like it quite as much as I would like to (That's the reason my blog's not named "RannaRee" at present).

I mean, Michael and I worked HARD when we were picking out our kiddos' names. Bruise's name ... we had that one picked out. I knew that I wanted my Pop-pop's name in there. Michael wanted our first boy to be named for his Grandpa as well. Bruise's initials were going to be CJB[last initial] ... but we couldn't ever find a C-name that we liked. So I get my little boy named for my Pop-pop. And we had that name picked out before we every got pregnant. I think that I knew I wanted my Pop-pop's name for a boy before I got married.

Bucket ... her name was harder. I originally had a name that I picked out when I was in high school -- the middle names of my Nana and Grandma. As time went by ... and, even in utero, she just didn't seem like that name. So we had to think and work and try to get something that fit and was pretty and that we loved ... since we knew that we'd be saying it for the next fifty+ years.

Since, when we were doing the final namings, we didn't know the genders of our babies, we had to plan for a boy-girl set of twins, a boy-boy set, and a girl-girl set.

I really, really hoped that we wouldn't have a girl-girl set of twins. Not because I would have loved them any less ... but because we still don't have a second girl's name. We have names that we like ... but not a girl's first name-middle name mix that we adore and are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to use.

We do have a boy's name picked out. And it's awesome. Even though we have some friends who've used the same first name for some of their boy children (different families ... it's not like George Foreman, who has all [ALL!!] his children named for him).

The only bad thing about Bruise's name is that it's rather close to that of his eldest cousin's ... who's a girl ... But, since I usually refer to Bruise by his first and middle name when he's getting into mischief, it's not a huge deal.
Besides, when Bruise worked his way out of my uterus, and I saw him for that second ... I KNEW that I chose right. Which was very good, since we had filled out all the birth certificate paperwork prior to their birth. Since we had about a week in the hospital before they made their appearance.

But, now, for my blog? I don't know what to call it. *sigh* Well, either you'll give me some excellent suggestions, I'll have a dream-revelation, or I'll just start trying on names like shoes at Payless. We'll see.

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