Monday, October 29, 2007

Pictures ... Part One

I did promise pictures, right??

Well, don't say that I never post pictures. Because I do. When I'm not being so incredibly lazy, lazy, lazy.


Bruise is here to PUMP. YOU. UP.
(Seriously, though ... When the kiddos and I went to my mom's, he would NOT stand for Bucket to be on the elliptical. It was HIS SPECIAL ... His pressssssssssssshiousssssssssssss)


Sometimes I take a picture. And am remarkably impressed at how well it turned out. Score!
Besides, if I showed you Bucket in close-up, not-cell-phone resolution, full glory ... well, it'd be like looking at Zeus. With the whole bursting into flames because you. just. can't. HANDLE. the. Adorablility!!!
Consider yourself lucky. I'm protecting you. You totally owe me. :P


Someday, I'm going to get the boxes cleared out from our front room. And my stepdad will bring up the piano. And the children will be happy.
And people won't think that we're in the process of moving out. (How could we be?? We're still moving in!!)
(Yes, it had taken us nearly a year. Which is very pitiful.)


And here's Bruise's "Grinch face," as I like to call it.
But he does look darling in the Mr. PotatoHead glasses, no??

More pictures to come. Cross my heart and lick my elbow!
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