Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy All Saints Day!! (Since that is what the day after Halloween is called ...)

Okay, so the kids (and I) are coming off of a bit of a sugar high. (Though, to be completely honest, I'll probably get back on that sugar high as soon as they're down for a nap.)

(Yes, I'll admit that I'll glean some of their candy. I'll even feel a modicum of guilt!)
(What?? They're not even 30 pounds each! [At least, they weren't the last time they were weighed.] It's not like they need the cubic tons of candy that they received! And I, as their mother, DO need the candies. They make me happy.)

Here are the Halloween pictures:

Bucket (or as she now calls herself, "Monkey") is the adorable primate. She looks more like a New World money to me ... but I'm not a primateologist. (Yeah, Jane Goodall has NO reason to worry.)
Bruise (sporting a bruise on the forehead *sigh*) is our Elephant.
(Dianne: Again, THANKS for offering the costume. On a scale of one to ten, YOU are an ELEVEN!)

And yes, since Bruise was an elephant, I did make some Joseph Merrick jokes. But only ones when Bruise was walking around with the elephant head over his own and you couldn't see his sweet face.

Dont' get me wrong! I think that Joseph Merrick sounds like such a lonely soul. He needs a BIG hug.
Or he would if he were still alive.

Here is a picture of the kidlets in the balloon pit at a local party:
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And a video where you can witness my real-life cackle of a laugh:

(Yeah, I got really into filming, didn't I? But, like I said, it WAS only a balloon that hit me. ... Another instance that proves that if round objects -- like BALLS -- are around, that they WILL hit me in the face.)

And one that shows how adorable my children are. And how much they LOVE slides:

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