Monday, November 26, 2007

Recovering from Thanksgiving

I'll be honest. I'm glad to be home.

It's also honest to say that I'm sorry that our families don't live closer. It's nice to get together.

Still, it's VERY nice to sleep in our own bed and have the kiddos in their own room. VERY, VERY nice. Especially when the kidlets (namely BRUISE) keep getting into things that are not child-friendly. Or when Bruise breaks a glass-fronted nightlight-thing (which did freak him the H out ... which we were a little grateful for. Maybe he'll be more careful next time). *sigh*

Wednesday night, when we arrived at Michael's folks' place, the kidlets didn't go to sleep until ... at least 10 or 11. No clock in our room. I used the term "Dammit" a few times. Kids were awake early.

Oh, and while the kiddos weren't sleeping, they were climbing out of their pack-n-plays onto the bed in "our" room.
Here's a little look to show you why I may be looking more tired than usual:

SCENE: Bucket climbs out of her "crib" directly onto the bed. She steps on my legs. Walks up to my head and flops down between Michael and myself.
*poke* "Mommy's EYE." "*resigned to a night with NO sleep* Yes, baby. That's Mommy's eye. Careful, please."
*poke* Mommy's NOSSSE" "Uh-huh"
*PAT* Mommy's HAAAIHHR" "Yes, baby. Good job. Shhh, please. Go to sleep. You're being a little loud."
"Ssssssssh!!! Daddy S'eepiiin."
(Because, obviously, her VERY cranky mommy is NOT.")

This was after Bruise rifled through all of Uncle D's stuff (whose room we were staying in), which made me just a LITTLE apoplectic.

Also, Bruise would climb out of his crib at dark-thirty in the morning, crawl his way up the bed, and promptly fall back asleep once he was cuddled. Which is rather cute.

Bruise probably ate his body weight in tangerines. I don't blame him. They're good. However, I'll say that they come out (of him, at least) looking VERY recognizable. And smelling much, much worse for the wear.

We didn't buy anything on black Friday. Which was nice ... except for the fact it's because money's tight. But, hey, we'll be ready for Christmas somehow. ^_^ I think we might start decorating today. That'd be nice. I need to find a CD player so I can start pumping in the tunes ... or, you know, I could just use iTunes and my computer. ^_^

Uncle D loved the pumpkin bread that I brought. And I think that the orange mini-muffins went over well. I got to eat pumpkin pie. And peach pie. And pecan pie. And some apple pie. Mom C's stuffing/dressing was really good. People laughed when I said that if I wasn't married to her son that the stuffing'd have me proposing.

Oh, on the way down, we were able to stop by my Nana's. We got custard. (I've always loved Nana's custard. The kiddos really didn't eat too much of it. They mostly wanted to run around and play ... and after driving a couple hours, I can't say that I blamed them. And, hey, more custard for me!)

On the way back, we saw my dad and L. I got L's computer set up. She now can surf the net and we can EMAIL each other! Yay!!!! If nothing else, I can always send pictures of the kiddos. Which makes me very happy.

I have to plan a pack meeting for tomorrow. Wish me luck. ^_^ And I'm dealing with a little girl who's screaming for attention ... and a little boy who wants to deet ALL frackin' DAY.

I'm ready to get back to normal, I think. Or at least as normal as I get. *sigh*

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