Monday, October 29, 2007

Pictures ... Part Three

Another picture from the hay ride:

My little girl is so pretty. I know I'm a little biased.
But still!!

And here are Bruise and Bucket on the frog at the local carousel workshop.

One of their aunts is volunteering there. She's carving a hoof for one of the horses ... and they may incorporate one of her drawings (a fairy) onto another of the horses.
Some people have all the artistic luck.
*swallows some little green-eyed feelings*

What the munchkin brigade never do enough of:

Probably having to do with the fact that Bruise climbs out of his crib multiple times. And sometimes crawls into Bucket's crib and wakes her up.
And then I don't get to sleep in or finish a book or fold that ever-growing pile of laundry.

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And here's the kiddos and me at the temple after my college roommate's wedding downtown.
(Hey, if we're going to the big city with the kidlets, let's take them to the temple, too! Especially since, last time, when we went to the zoo, they fell asleep before we left Hwy 26.)

One more installment of pictures to come!!

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