Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can I take credit for that?

You know how people always try to create a word to enter the normal lexicon? ... You know, they say it over and over so that their friends start to use it, then THEIR friends start to use it ... and it spreads ...

How people try to do that?

I think I might have done that. I'm really not sure.

I know that when I coined a term about five years ago, everyone I used it around (and I used it when it came into conversation ... not JUST to use it) loved it, had never heard it before ... and I just read the word in an online article. About James Bond ... Yeah.

The term I created one day was to describe a slutty guy ... because the English language is SADLY lacking a term for it. We have such a double-standard. It's a supposed good thing for guys to sleep around ... but, even after the sexual revolution of the 70s, it's a bad thing for women to do it?
(See, my personal opinion is that NOBODY should be sleeping around. And if you can't manage not to, then FREAKIN' take responsibility for it. And that if it's bad for girls, it should be JUST as bad for boys).

So, I used the term "man-whore" ... because it fit the criteria that I needed. ... And now it seems to be used more and more prevelantly ... Probably thanks to my friend, Karen, who was OVER THE MOON about this gem of a phrase (if I may modestly pat myself on the back. It IS a good term. Especially when passing along Hollywood gossip ... or talking about some literary characters. ifywim. aityd.).

So, yeah ... if you hear the term "manwhore/man-whore/man whore" ... Dude, that was aaaaaaaaall me.

Too bad I can't earn royalties or something for it. *sigh*

But, really, go ahead and tell me what a genius I am for creating such an awesome word.
Because I am just that humble. *wink*


Brooke said...

I use man-whore all the time, but I am unsure where I learned it..Maybe from you...who knows?

Fold My Laundry Please said...

My senior year in high school, I used the term "comprehensive mohecritism" in the big term paper we had to write. I couldn't think of the correct words to describe what I was trying to say, so I just made some up. When the papers were passed back after being graded, the teacher just handed me a note saying, "See me after class." I was so scared! I spent the rest of class looking at the clock every two seconds and thinking, "crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap". When class finally ended;, I slooooowly put my stuff in my back pack and made sure everyone else was gone before walking up to his desk so that I wouldn't be humiliated in front of my friends. He handed me my paper. It had an A+ on it at the top and a long line of question marks written across the bottom of the page. Had I gotten in trouble? Nope. He read my new phrase and spent hours trying to look it up to find out what it meant. He just wanted me to define it for him. I was so relieved that I wasn't actually in trouble that I blurted out that I had made it up before I could come up with something clever. He just laughed and said to have a good weekend!

I use that phrase regularly to this day, as in, "The comprehensive mohecritism of it all is quite clear to me now."

Allanna said...

Melissa, you AMAZE me.

Don't you LOVE those papers where you think, "Oh, I'm going to fail miserably" ... and then you get a perfect score?

Ask me sometime about my report about Queen Liliuokalani. :D

Satina said...

very cool. I agree with your opinion on it all and I have heard the word. Now I know who started it all. It is like knowing a famous person!

Allanna said...

Woot!! It's like my fifteen seconds of fame! ^_^

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