Sunday, November 02, 2008

Does this shirt? (It's a pun. And it's not very good.)

I was on CafePress, just browsing around and I saw a T-shirt design that about made me snrk so hard. (If I were a lesser gal, I'd have wet myself with the force of the laugh I tried to surpress ... and ended up in a coughing fit over): "Vote Republican. Because EVERYBODY can't be on welfare."
It just made me laugh.

And, my democrat friends, I'm going to share a little story with you:
When I was in second grade and the Weekly Reader came out with their election issue, if I had been allowed to vote, I was TOTALLY going for Dukakis, not George H. W. Bush. I think it had a lot to do with the "hair vote" ... Dukakis had a great 'do ... and I am a rather shallow girl. ^_^

Still, I do agree a bit more with some of the Republican stuff. Another few shirts that made me laugh/nod in appreciation:

Lincoln Quote: "You cannot help men permanetly by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves."
(Which seems to fit very well with the Church welfare system [Get people back on their feet and teach them to be self-sufficient, in a nutshell])

"Silly Liberals, Paychecks are for WORKERS!" -- Just made me laugh with the 50s style art.

"Welcome to America: Get a job, pay taxes, and speak English."
(Hey, if *I* were to move to a foreign country, I'd be learning the language ASAP. And using it. I'm just sayin')
(I also think that people should enter the country LEGALLY if they want things like welfare, healthcare coverage ... things that most natives of this country don't even get. If you see my point.)

Now, since it's entirely possible that Obama's going to take this election, I have to say that I'm not feeling like it's a bad thing if he won. (I was REALLY going to be upset with the last election if Kerry had won. Like I would have been upset if Hillary Clinton were to win. I just really DIDN'T feel AT ALL good about them. ... I want someone that I feel I can trust to try to do what's best ofr our nation. With Obama and McCain, it's practically 50/50. But McCain's stance on a few issues is more in with my stance. So he got my vote this time. If it weren't for a few issues, I'd have easily voted for Obama.)

And I have to agree with this shirt about our soldiers. Especially since I have friends who've served/are serving our country. And this one about war in general ... which makes me think of Captain Moroni (Gosh, we NEED one for our day, no??).

I think that my Bri would like this shirt.

And then I started looking at the Geek shirts:

Keeping it Real makes me snicker.

Or Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice. ... Once an Ed major, always an Ed major.

This Chem shirt makes me laugh ... Chemistry puns!!

Or the collary on the "Knowledge is Power" saying. (I always knew I had an inner bad girl! Who knew that she was spawned by my intrinsic love of Jeopardy! )

Now I'm tired. 


Jennifer Davis said...

Having lived in foreign countries - it is very difficult to learn a new language. I do believe that you should learn the language, I am just saying from experience that it is HARD! I do agree you should come to the country legally and all that - and you should learn the language (I get as frustrated as others when I try to order something). Just understand it is not something you can just pick up like the drop of a hat.

Fold My Laundry Please said...

One of my favorite t-shirts is, "Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder." Because I love me some meat, that's for sure!

Allanna said...

Jenny - I totally agree that learning languages is not a very easy thing. BUT I do think that if one is to immigrate, one would do everyone a favor by being as prepared as one could be. At least, if one couldn't take classes/study in advance, make a VALIANT effort once s/he is in the country.
(Think of France! They're BRUTAL if you don't speak the language, so I hear. Maybe we should try that. :P)

Melissa, I LOVE that shirt, too!! I knew we're friends for a reason. ^_^

Brooke said...

I hate the Army Tshirt...hate hate hate....I have actually found that liberals are more supportive of our troups (maybe not the war, but definately the troops). They are the ones who support funding programs that take care of soldiers. Integrating individuals with PTSD and physical injuries costs money. Sure, it is hard to pay taxes to pay for it, but hey, that is the cost of could give your up life or health instead.

Allanna said...

Brooke - This is why I'm glad that you speak up about things like this. I always hear about the liberals that are throwing poop and insults at the returning soldiers.

That or holding up signs along the street telling us that we have no business being at war and that we're stupid for doing it.

I really think that, yes, the health insurance system needs to be redone. If someone has given of their time and health for this country, we seriously OWE them BIG TIME. (Or else we'd all be out there serving our nation. Right?)

Brooke said...

Miss Allanna, even though our politics are different, I love that you are so open and accepting of my view and allow me to share it without judging me.

But, I still think you are a closet Democrat and you just dont want to admit that you are falling away to the dark side. Jenny and I are waiting for you...

Brooke said...

oh and I have love for the one with the avogadros number, but hey, I am a chemist

Allanna said...

Brooke, I'd never judge you! (Besides, I'm imperfect enough for all of us!)

And there are good points and bad points about each of the political parties. (And there are people in each party that give the rest of their fellow party-members a bad name. Sad, but true.)

And I *was* THISCLOSE to voting Democrat ... and did for some of the local/state candidates.

And that "dark side" comment ... Reminds me of another [yet ANOTHER] shirt that makes me laugh: "Come to the dark side. We have cookies!"

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