Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hello. My name is Allanna ... and I am one of many people without health insurance.

Blame it on my kids and my body. I had preeclampsia. For FOUR days.

However, if I remove my IUD get pregnant, I'll be covered by the state health insurance. And if I don't develop a case of preeclampsia this time, I should have no trouble getting health insurace (because if you have preeclampsia your FIRST pregnancy, but not your second, you SHOULDN'T get it on your third or however-many-other-later pregnancy).

And, really since I have a family history of it occuring in just that first pregnancy, I should be good.

Maybe I should get knocked up. Just to have health insurance.

I mean babies are fine and all (I'm one of the freaks of nature that doesn't go absolutely crazy over babies. ... I enjoyed Bruise and Bunny when they were babies. Because, hello!, we bonded for nine months! That's longer than most Hollywood marriages!!), but I do enjoy being able to TALK with and understand my kids.

Speaking of my kids, THEY have health insurance again. Yay! President-elect Barack should be so proud! (My pocket book will never be fat, really.) We just found out today, since when I recieved the second notice of "Hey, you had preeclampsia, SUCKA!! Ha ha!! No health insurance for YOU!! Now go cry into your gigantic pillah!!", they DIDN'T mention that Bruise and Bunny had been denied. So I called. And, yes, my babies are loved. THEY are covered.

Also, filling out forms, I learned that Bruise and Bucket really weren't premature. They were born at 37 weeks, so the doctors tell MICHAEL. (What to they tell me, the beached whale of a pregnant woman, lying in a hospital bed for days? I was completely under the concept that I was only 35 weeks. No. If I had been, I'd have been sent into one of the bigger cities for the NICU and all. Details, schmetails, though ... right?) (And, I really did FEEL that the kidlets weren't that early. See?? A mother KNOWS these things.)

Also, sitting in the rain for the parade? Mixed with life ... Bruise is sick. He never gets sick. 
It's not life-threatening or anything yet ... but he is wicked-congested and running a fever (just over 101 F). I didn't know at all until we were headed home after going to two libraries and him running around like a loon at a McDonald PlayPlace. Bad mommy. I mean, he started coughing a little today.  ... He's cuddled on my lap again and about to take another mini-nap.  (So, Honey, with a kid on my lap, dinner may be a little late tonight. But I AM planning on making some. Pinky-swears!!)

But we had a good visit with my mom ... even though Miss Bunny did join in with the group of kids at storytime, smacking the puppet theater (so Scott had to stop the puppet show ... to the sorrow of many children. Bunny burst into tears. Bruise wasn't too fazed. He did get to play with the train table for a bit. :P ... I think, though, that Bunny may have learned an important lesson. I hope so.).


Jennifer Davis said...

Getting pregnant for health insurance - I have heard of worse reasons :P Plus then you get a cute new baby and heath insurance!

BTW, I do not got goo-goo about babies either - not a huge fan of most of them (except my own). In fact, I was worried about having kids, since I didn't really like other people's babies much. Luckily, it is completely different with your own :)

Jonathan was sad about the puppet show today. He said "mom, those girls were not behaving and not listening by hitting the puppet show - they scared the puppets away." He was pretty sad for quite awhile. However, lucky for me, we were going to have to leave right at 11 to get Sabrina anyways (that is why we haven't been for awhile) - so at least there was no fight over leaving the puppet show

Emily said...

Allanna that just seems crazy. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, your kiddos are so cute, and btw I do go goo-goo about about babies so I know.

Emily said...

Hey Allanna I found you. Good luck with the health insurance and sick kiddo.

Cori said...

I totally get you on the Health insurance! We are one of the lucky ones who picked up individual insurance when we were younger and healthier and boy am I glad! Just this year we have had brain injuries, broken arms (2) and 4 trips to the ER. Good luck and I am a total baby lover....would have 20 kids if I could afford them!!!!

Brooke said...

First - Cori..are you insane? Twenty kids? You must be a mormon.

I am not ga ga over babies either, but they are fun. I think you should get pregnant when you feel it is time and then reap the benefits of the health insurance rather than reap the benefits of a baby for health insurance

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