Sunday, November 30, 2008

Belated Thanksgiving stuff

I think that from gorging myself so during the holiday, that I've gained about ... oh ... ten bazillion pounds.

But when you're surrounded by delicious food, what is a girl supposed to do?!?!?

BUT, I kept meaning to get around to making a list of things I'm thankful for this year ... and, by golly, I'm going to do it!!

  1. My family - I've got a wonderful husband that puts up with me all the time, children that (mostly) make me laugh, and relatives that love me and treat me well. It's GOOD.
  2. My sister-in-law that made juvenile jokes with me as we tried to make up storylines that made the scenes in "Stephen King's The Stand" a little more child friendly
    "Oh, they're HUGGING. Isn't that nice??" "And that face he made right there? That's because Michael Keaton totally just let one rip." "Yeah, I'd make that face, too. Especially if I lost consciousness like he did." "Oh, I think he's taking a nap. ... After playing in the fingerpaints and getting messy."
  3. HAM. Because it is delicious.
  4. Holding H, because (even though I didn't get baby envy, but) it seems like maybe I've learned something by having two babies of my own. (If you haven't read it already, RUN and get a copy of "The Happiest Baby on the Block." Seriously. LIFESAVER!!!!)
  5. Seeing my Nana ... and that Bunny gives her hugs and kisses readily.
  6. That my kidlets are as excited to see my family as I am.
  7. That my kidlets pray for their whole family
  8. That, when Bruise prays, he says "Big Grandpa" instead of "Great-Grandpa." It makes me laugh.
  9. How Bunny tells stories. It must be in the genes.
  10. How I can see bits of my childhood self in my children.
  11. That I have the chance to help them be better/cooler/less-crazy-in-the-head than I was/am.
  12. Church. Because it makes me happy. ... Even though some of my family and friends don't understand how it can.
  13. I'm able to serve with the Young Women. It feels like home. It's like my reward for serving in Cub Scouts (I was not always the most effective ... or the best fit. I enjoy my girls so much. I get the chance to get to know them ... which I never seemed to get to do with the boys.)
Going with that, here's the story for today --

I was sitting on the couch in one of the foyers in the church. K and J came and sat by me and we chatted. Then A.O. came and sat on my lap and said, "Hello, Santa!" in this silly three-year-old-type voice.

So, I give a "Ho! Ho! Ho! What would you like for Christmas?" in the gruffest, Santa-iest voice I can do (i.e., not all that low, gruff, or masculine).

And she says, "I want a pony! Can you give me a pony?!?"

And I go, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" ... because I'm NOT promising her a pony. I don't know if her parents have room for one. And it's not like I have a pony, anyways, to give her.

And she starts cracking up. ... So, whenever we saw each other for the rest of the day, we'd be all, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" to each other. And then we'd crack up and laugh like loony laughers.

And THIS is why I have such an awesome calling. I get to have such fun with my girls.

And the leaders, the other adults, are fun, too.

For example, I was up late ... working on the calendar for YW. And K, our YW prez, had me make some changes (hey, they had to be made. It's not like she's making up stuff for me at the last minute). And in her email, she's all, "I bet you're cursing my name about now, huh?"

So I typed back, "No, I'm not cursing your name. I may happen to be sighing and making significant glances in your general direction ... but that could just be coincidence. :P"

Or how D, one of the teachers, laughed when, in our meeting this afternoon, I described something as "sucktastic." (Well, it WAS!!)

I've got a good bunch. It's tres awesome.

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Anonymous said...

If that's the A.O. I'm thinking of, I can totally see her doing that.

She loves you, BTW. I've heard her express this.

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